What you need to do to live up to 100 years

Just think, for only one twentieth century the average life expectancy increased by 30 years! Those who have crossed the threshold of the century, it was up 51% just from 1990 to 2000. The reasons are many: improved medicine, education, diagnosis ... But there are other aspects that can help you live longer!

What you need to do to live up to 100 years

1. Watch your figure

Studies have shown that those whose fat is stored primarily in the stomach, likely to die earlier even with normal BMI.

2. Remember adolescence

Observation of 137 Americans from birth to 28 years showed that those who were overweight at 14 are prone to diabetes of the second type. And adults with diabetes are more at risk of heart problems.

3. Eat fiber

People on average consume 10-17 grams per day, but if you add another half - the risk of a heart attack will drop by 17%.

4. consume fewer calories

Studies have shown that those who eat no more than 1,400 calories a day, have a healthy heart (10-15 years younger than chronological age). It is important, however, not only the quantity but also the quality!

5. Drink tea

Tea protects the heart because it contained catechines. The Japanese drink a day for 5 or more cups of green tea, have the lowest rates of heart attacks in the world. Since black tea is about the same. Even 1-2 cups a day helps the heart! Has no such effect iced tea (leaves in contact with water in effect takes a couple of days), and milk tea (or add lemon honey).

6. Quit drinking soda

Even diet! Regular consumption of "just one jar," leads to the development of metabolic syndrome. This comprehensive title of high blood pressure and cholesterol that leads to heart problems and diabetes. Measures to prevent this, coupled with the refusal of smoking will add to the life of 6 to 9, 5 years.

7. Eat purple

Dark grapes, red wine, blueberries and blueberries help fight premature aging of the brain, improves communication between neurons and memory.

8. Run around 40 minutes a day

Studies show that the life expectancy of those who regularly engaged in aerobic exercise, for 12 years more. And all thanks to the fact that the immune system is better able to resist viruses.

9. Get out of the house itself

A study involving 302 elderly people aged 70 to 80 years showed that hour cleaning burns up to 285 calories and reduces the risk of early death by 30%.

10. Most go out of the house

Then the brain will actively work to reduce the risk of dementia. In addition, sociable people emission decreases cortisol under stress.

11. Your heart rate - 60 beats per minute

It is believed that the lower heart rate at rest, the less strained heart.

12. You do not snore

So, you have less chance of apnea - holding your breath during sleep, which can lead to various ailments.