Unusual restaurants in the world

• unusual restaurants in the world

If you want to attract more customers, do good or do something unique. However, there are such cases, when both "good" and "unique" is not done to attract the largest possible number of people and to attract only the "most courageous".

Unusual restaurants in the world Unusual restaurants in the world

1. Restaurant silence

In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, you can visit the restaurant Nikolas Naumann "Eat". It from each visitor require compliance perfect silence. It is this (and silence) and is the main feature of the establishment. The idea came to the restaurant after Naumann, a few years ago he visited a Buddhist monastery in India.

Unusual restaurants in the world

2. Restaurant nudist

Once a month, in one of the most popular restaurants of Manhattan runs extremely unusual dinner. Visit it only those who adhere to the ideas of nudism. As you might guess, eating at the tables people extremely bare. Invented all this nudist activist John J.. Ordover. The restaurant staff, however, remains in the form to comply with sanitary norms.

Unusual restaurants in the world


3. The restaurant, which "led your nurse"

In the US, there is a whole chain of restaurants under the name "Dick's Last Resort". Its founder, went bankrupt in its first restaurant business, trying to create another elite institution. When the money is gone, the master is not lost courage and went to the contrary, determined to make a network of establishments where guests would strongly humiliated, insulted and threw them in the face wipes. Surprisingly, the "Dick's Last Resort" enjoys extraordinary popularity!

Unusual restaurants in the world

4. Dinner with the dead

Indian businessman Krishnan Kutty opened his restaurant "New Lucky" in Ahmedabad directly on the site of the old cemetery. This fact, he not only does not hide, but strongly emphasizes. The restaurant is literally standing on the bones. Moreover, inside the burial places protrude plate. Interestingly, come whether "New Lucky" only to eat, or at the same time honor the memory of deceased relatives?

Unusual restaurants in the world

5. Dinner at the edge of

One of China's most dangerous restaurants called "Fangweng". The main feature of the institution is that the first half of it is located in a cave, and the second is literally hanging on the edge of the cliff. This restaurant is a real labyrinth in which there are no clues where to go.

Unusual restaurants in the world

6. The recording Dinner

In the northern part of New York in the basement of a private house restaurant Berelya. Visit it can be by appointment only. Restaurant takes no more than 20 people. The establishment serves a unique cuisine made from their own products. If you enroll now, you have to wait for their turn for more than 5 years.