Little-known rules of driving

• Little-known rules of driving

Little-known rules of driving

On such things do not tell the teacher.

A lot of really important things novice drivers no one will tell you apart from other drivers. Piggy folk wisdom is rich in all kinds of interesting ideas. The most important thing is that almost every one of them are really very useful in practice. Let's talk about the five essential and extraordinary things, which is not exactly taught in driving school.

1. Help conditioner

Little-known rules of driving

It will help not ride in a double boiler.

In the summer period is always the risk of heating the air inside the vehicle, especially if you had to leave your favorite car directly under the scorching sun. Sitting in the hot interior is unpleasant, but it is not necessary to suffer and cause suffering to your air conditioner. Returning to the car, first open up to the stop side window on the driver's seat, and then go around the car, open the opposite door and gently open-close it (not until the end, of course) for half a minute. Most of the hot air will come off.

2. The strength of the smell of

Little-known rules of driving

Tea is better than any Christmas tree.

You want to have in the car smelled? Pay ever note how pleasant smell different teas. Just take one bag and hang it behind the rear-view mirror inside the car, and even better - to vent air ventilation system. The main thing - to find the right fragrance.

3. Cheap and

Little-known rules of driving

The main rub hard.

Over time, even the best lights dim. There is a huge number of ways to polish them. The most simple, affordable and at the same time very effective is cleaning headlights using a conventional toothbrush and toothpaste. We must work in a circular motion. New lights will not, but it will look better.

4. Alcohol lock

Little-known rules of driving

In the open locks!

The first-aid kit have an alcohol hand sanitizer. And few know that it is also an excellent tool for defrosting door locks. Copes much better than most of the other "folk remedies", and its composition is completely safe for car locks. Much better than trying to unfreeze the castle with the help of lighters.

5. XXL distance

Little-known rules of driving

This is incredible, but it works.

You can turn your head into an antenna for the remote control car. Enough to bring control to the chin. It seems strange, but due to the large amount of fluid in the body, the human body is an excellent conductor of any signal. The most important thing - not to resort to this method too often. You never know, all these radiations.