Italian films that are worth seeing on vacation

What unites J. Lo and Maxim Vitorgan, Leo DiCaprio and Michelle Rodriguez, Jamie Dornan and Christina Asmus? Correct answer: Italy! This summer, the stars in the Italian resorts almost more than in Hollywood. This is an excellent opportunity to look at this country and see what it is all inspiring.

Italian films that are worth seeing on vacation

In addition to pizza and wine, the Italians created a truly inspirational movie - the same sensual and emotional, as they are. And this is exactly what you need for a holiday. Introducing the top of Italian films and TV series that will make your holiday even brighter.

"Eat Pray Love"

Italian films that are worth seeing on vacation

Easy adaptation of the bestseller by Elizabeth Gilbert and Julia Roberts in the title role sings three different cultures: Italian, Indian and Indonesian. Deciding to start life anew, Roberts heroine is planning a long trip, and selects a starting point to Italy, where he will indulge in carnal pleasures and try everything before does not allow. It's about the food - the national heritage of Italy. Espresso, tiny pastries, gelato, pasta, seafood - it is through the culinary delights of Rome Elizabeth learns the taste. By the way, all the places that she visited in the film, the real. Use the film as a guide to cafes and restaurants.

"Under the Tuscan Sun"

Italian films that are worth seeing on vacation

Another film in which Italy appears as a country-comfort for all who are offended by something destiny, tells the story of a divorced Francis (played by Diane Lane), suddenly change their lives. Due to the collapse of the family and failure plunges into depression Frances career. Pulling it takes a friend who gives Francis a trip to Italy as part of the gay group. Ride around the country, a woman finds an advertisement for the sale of the ancient house in Tuscany and understand that here it is - her chance to really change lives and attitudes.

"Give me your name"

"Oscar" for best screenplay won the Italian drama Luke Guadanino which won huge popularity on the festival shows in Russia. Watch the film can be in the ivi online cinema.

Eighties, summer holiday Italian town where likes to relax professorial Bohemia. On vacation parents arrives Elio (Timothy SHALAMOV), cute youth entrained music, literature - in general, higher matters. In his parents' home, he meets Oliver (Armie Hammer), a young scientist, who came to his father. From innocent jokes and popliteus one above the other are born true feelings - for Elio this is the first love for Oliver - another, but special.

It seems so to convey the freedom and tenderness could only Italian director.

"To Rome with Love"

Italian films that are worth seeing on vacation

Woody Allen loves to make films about the city, connecting its ironic stories with the atmosphere of the places where are his heroes. "To Rome with Love" - ​​a declaration of love of the Italian capital, the streets where the characters walk and Jesse Eisenberg's dream, Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Greta Gerwig, Roberto Benigni and others.

Link all these unrelated at first glance, the story becomes Piazza Venezia - incredibly beautiful area not far from the Colosseum.

"The Great Beauty"

Italian films that are worth seeing on vacation

"intellectual drama" with Toni Servillo in the title role, marked "Oscar" for best foreign language film, is often called the dedication, even the remake of "Dolce Vita" by Federico Fellini - perhaps, the most Italian of all Italian films. "The Great Beauty" - a discussion of the lived through Dzhepa Gambardella - journalist, cynic, womanizer, devourer of life. This film by Paolo Sorrentino, and how you can watch a detailed tour of Rome - you will see all the most important sights of the Eternal City.

By the way, the fall in the Russian rolling out a new film Sorrentino - "Loro". In it all the same Toni Servillo plays the controversial Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi.

"Roman Goodbye"

Italian films that are worth seeing on vacation

Nice ROMKA with sharp turns will tell about the adventures of teacher Maggie, who planned Italian vacation with her daughter-senior pupil Summer, but, as instituted by the rules of the genre, they both were hostages of love affairs: my daughter is torn back to New York for his boyfriend, drug dealer, and my mother met one of his former passions. All the story will shake against a background of the beauties of Rome and Tuscany - luxury on the streets of these cities will be mother and daughter walking, trying to get closer to each other.


Italian films that are worth seeing on vacation

Football fever this summer is over, but football, the most controversial and intriguing sport never ceases to excite the planet. The series "Conspiracy" (in the original "football mafia") will reveal the hidden side of the game, around which always occurred corruption scandals. Entangled event series takes place against the backdrop of the spectacular Italian scenery: luxury villas and vast green fields. Footballer John de Graaf, the player of the Italian club, used to the good life. It has a luxury villa in the picturesque village in Italy, a faithful wife, adoring fans. He is not very decent family man and an athlete conceited, confident that everything should accrue to him just like that, for beautiful eyes. Of course, in a short time it is waiting for the collapse. Kicked out of the club, his wife goes, lenders are threatening violence. Scout utters terribly relevant phrase: "scandals can afford only Ronaldo and Messi." Johnny will get out of trouble, which has got because of his excessive pride?