The stars, who gave his mate popularity

To meet with the star - not an easy task, but some camera flashes lovelier sun. They remembered the star, who gave their halves love and popularity, and new opportunities.

Ksenia Borodina

Married to a businessman Kurban Omarov 2015

The stars, who gave his mate popularity

About businessman from Dagestan Kurban lobster we found out three years ago, when the leading reality show "Dom-2" presented her fiance in Instagram. After the engagement Omarov quickly become accustomed to the status of Instagram-stars, although at first Ksenia promised to protect a loved one from the publicity. It is not known exactly how the business is engaged in Eid, but Xenia admitted that her husband helped her to launch its own fashion brand. In the summer of 2016 in Paradise Sound of Thunder: Borodin filed for divorce because of infidelity Kurban. On the wake of the scandal Omarov has announced its online show about stars, which he planned to make with actress Nastassja Sambursky, but "Zvezdagram" never aired, and Borodin took a statement. Now Kurban - again faithful husband Ksenia Borodina and his life in the network, you must nearly 2 million people.

Alla Pugacheva

He was married to the singer Philip Kirkorov from 1994 to 2005

The stars, who gave his mate popularity

Philip has long been a celebrity class, but in the minds of the masses actor continues - fourth husband Diva. Then, in the mid-90s, Alla Pugacheva made from young singer star. The pair not only married, and got married. In Jerusalem! Of course, the views from all over the former Soviet Union were sent to Philip curls, and he just looked at her favorite. Kirkorov sang Alla Borisovna about love from the stage, showered her with compliments and was immensely loyal to, but ... "Both of them - the artists, the two - a little alien and always speak the same language", - claimed a pair of colleagues.

Danila Kozlovsky

Dating actress Olga Zueva

The stars, who gave his mate popularity

Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva together for more than three years. The actors met in New York at a party - Olga lived in the United States, where the model has worked, studied screenwriting and directing skills. Familiarity with Danilo changed the lives of Olga: she returned to Russia and became popular in his homeland. At first the girl Kozlowski, and when I started working with her boyfriend - as an actress and director Olga Zueva.

Earlier this year, Kozlovsky scripted Zueva made his first film - the sports drama "Coach." In the picture the couple also starred (in love, of course!). Olga was inspired by the experience of Daniel and took up shooting his feature film on his own the same scenario - a drama about male friendship "on the area." One of the main roles Zueva, of course, approved boyfriend. Kozlowski, feeling responsible for the success of the woman he loved, and was engaged in producing the film. The result will be seen in a movie in the fall.

Victoria Beckham

Married footballer David Beckham in 1999

The stars, who gave his mate popularity

Immediately after the announcement of the engagement of the former "peppercorn" of the Spice Girls took up the image of the bride. On the advice of his beloved David made a fashionable cut and fixed teeth, I learned to wear suits and hats. Of course, do not get caught David in Victoria hands, he would still have become a legend of world football. But under the influence of his wife, David became stylish football legend. The athlete made an impressive contribution to the family budget is not just a "football" wages, but also on the millions of contracts with Calvin Klein, Armani and H & M. And earlier this year a football player with the brand L'Oreal began to produce its own line of cosmetics for men.

Demi Moore

She was married to actor Ashton Kutcher since 2005 to 2011

The stars, who gave his mate popularity

Demi Kutcher fell in love with back in 12 years, when he saw her in the movie "Ghost", but could not even imagine that one day she would become his wife. Demi was older than her third husband of 16 years and more popular it a thousand times. Married with beginners and little-known actor Demi found a second youth, and Ashton - the long-awaited glory. Of "that guy" that was shot in bleary-eyed comedy "Where's my car, dude?" Ashton has become a hero of gossip, sex symbol and style icon. The couple developed their fund Demi and Ashton (DNA) Foundation, which is dealing with human sex trafficking, and through charitable visits Kutcher has traveled halfway around the world with his wife. Married Ashton Kutcher tried on the role of not only a benefactor, but also many children's father: he has established an excellent relationship with the three daughters of Demi actor Bruce Willis. You can imagine what a blow to Demi became a young wife cheating, from which it is actually fashioned star. Long divorce has become even more difficult for the actress when she found out about the affair with his same age Kutcher - actress Mila Kunis. Now the pair is married and has two children, and Demi ... Actress hardly appeared in films and has long been no one meets.