Problems in the life of the actors from the TV series "Friends"

Matthew Perry, for many years suffering from pancreatitis, had surgery on his stomach. And Jennifer Aniston is going through a divorce in the company of Courtney Cox, who has business in his personal life, too, are not shaky or rolls. It looks like the legendary "Friends" came the black stripe.

Problems in the life of the actors from the TV series

Matthew Perry, 48

Problems in the life of the actors from the TV series

In 1997, three years after the start of the "Friends" Matthew Perry was injured while skiing. Doctors prescribed him a potent painkiller Vicodin, which Perry appeared dependence. Three times he passed a course of rehabilitation - in 1997, 2001 and 2011.

In the interval between treatment he contracted pancreatitis - due to alcoholism and drug abuse. The actor admitted that he can not remember much of the work in the "Friends" because of its heavy dependence. He regularly drank vodka and took pills.

In 2013, Perry even turned his own house into a rehabilitation center, where the same dependent people can get help on the path to sobriety. Perry later sold the house due to financial problems.

A few days ago, Matthew Perry was hospitalized in Los Angeles. The actor had surgery on the gastrointestinal tract. Now Perry is under the supervision of doctors and runs the recovery rate.

Jennifer Aniston, 49

Problems in the life of the actors from the TV series

At the beginning of the year Aniston announced divorce with actor Justin Theroux, after three years of marriage. Just a couple has been together for 7 years, but the long-awaited wedding will not make the relationship stronger. "Nobody knows what's going on behind closed doors. No one understands how painful could be me and my partner. No one thinks about the fact that I've experienced both physically and mentally - recognized actress in a fresh interview with Vogue. - But I focus on my work, friends, pets, and on how to make this world a better place. "

David Schwimmer, 51

Problems in the life of the actors from the TV series

Another divorce in the clan of "Friends" - on account Schwimmer. In 2010, Schwimmer played the wedding to Zoe Buckman, a photographer from England, which is younger than his 18 years. In 2011, the family had a daughter Cleo - for both the first-born. But for more than a year, the couple do not live together. The pair has not filed for divorce and separation calls his "break" in the relationship. Who knows, maybe David still be able to save his marriage.

Courteney Cox, 54 years

Problems in the life of the actors from the TV series

Three years ago Courteney Cox was in the status of the bride. The actress said "yes" to the musician Johnny McDaid from Ireland, and the pair started to prepare for the wedding. However, after the groom broke the engagement, tired of the heavy nature of Courtney. You can imagine, even a 14-year-old daughter Coco actress complains about the total control of the mother. Argue with Cox's dangerous - it has a brown belt in karate. But if you continue to command all, you can be alone. However, Courtney admits that parting with her boyfriend was "very cruel", but to make it better. Now Cox and McDade again spend time together, and we hope that the children will be able to maintain the relationship.

Matt LeBlanc, 51

Problems in the life of the actors from the TV series

12 years ago, LeBlanc divorced from model Melissa McKnight, who could not forgive him for having an affair with a stripper. Married daughter, Marina, who has been diagnosed with developmental delay and epilepsy. Now the girl is already 14 years old, and despite the divorce, the actor spends a lot of time with her daughter. Marina to pay more attention, even LeBlanc resigned from the auto show Top Gear, where he worked as a co-host the last two years. Another project of the actor - series about a householder "Everything is under control" with Leblanc in the title role. Although critics criticize the show, the project rests on the TV for three seasons.

Lisa Kudrow, 55

Problems in the life of the actors from the TV series

Lisa seems to have no problem! 7 years Kudrow plays a major role in the comedy series "Web Therapy", which is the same and produces itself. Since 1995, the actress married adman Michel Stern, with whom the actress was married when she was 32 years old. In this case, the husband became the first and only man in the life of the actress. Three years after the wedding the couple had a son, Julian, and actress pregnancy was defeated in the "Friends": her character Phoebe became the surrogate mother for the child of his brother Frank, who could not conceive a baby with his wife.