Stories of people who suddenly become homeless

Just the day before yesterday in Novosibirsk resident offered to its subscribers on Twitter to help a homeless man who approached her on the street to ask for a trifle. It's only been two days, and it already has a house and a job.

And this is not the only example. Caring people in the internet on a regular basis to help the homeless is what they need. Attention! Now you wake up faith in humanity.

Stories of people who suddenly become homeless

, the user's Twitter under the name Lily August 6 asked its subscribers to prove that the Internet can not only on threads are like "One Like - a fact."

The girl and her friend sat on the terrace at the bar when she was approached by a homeless person and asked for some money. Lily was not of cash, but she decided to ask the man about how he has come to such a life.

It is more important tape, let's make a good and well. Who went on Letnik onilsa man, started asking a trifle. I began questioning him about how he became homeless, what he did before. His name is Sergei, he - a welder 6 category.

- Lily (@mama_lilya) August 6, 2018

At work Sergei broke the legs, he spent 7 months in the hospital. During this time, his wife and mother-in-law have issued an apartment for himself, and he found himself homeless. After being discharged from Sergei in the hands of only a passport and SNILS.

The girl asked the homeless, if he take the job again ready, and he replied that he would only if he will give her.

# Novosibirsk, when suddenly someone is looking for a welder, let's try to organize the work of a homeless man. And find Sergei Ivanovich is very simple: it sits at the Arcade every night. I hope we are capable of good deeds, and not only on the threads are of the huskies.

- Lily (@mama_lilya) August 6, 2018

The same evening, at the cry responded familiar girl working on a portal for job search. She recommended his friend Lila, who rents out cottages.

Homeless housed in the attic of a house where he slept, shave, wash things, went to the room and got a crutch instead of a stick.

The next day, Lily brought him food and medicine. It is unknown whether there will be there, Sergei, but the possibility is - shelter and food are available for help around the house and fix things. Anyway, Lilly is not going to give up his ward to fend for themselves, and tomorrow go back to Sergei to see how it works in their new home and whether he was OK.

Before / after

- Lily (@mama_lilya) August 7, 2018

By the way, there are a instagrame account, which deals with the help of the homeless and people who find themselves in difficult situations.

This is Bob. He is one of the first to the homeless, which had a chance to meet activists of the project. They communicate with him almost every day and described him as a very good man. Bob never drinks alcohol. He suffered a stroke, and then was thrown into the street harsh winter day. By whom? Wife.

After a stroke, the right side of his body paralyzed, but he remains optimistic. The project activists Bob asked sneakers because his shoes for a year wandering in the streets turned into rags.

Subscribers instagrama instantly reacted to the situation, and after 4 days of video appeared in your account, in which Basil handed new running shoes, raincoat and his favorite waffles "Artek". Bob is very grateful.

A man of this activist project photographed and forgotten, but accidentally met him in two weeks.

His name is Alexander, and thanks to the project and indifferent subscribers now he sleeps on the street and at home in another town, where he helped to reach.

This Galya, her 57 years.

"Yes, my husband and we had a falling out, I was so sick of all of the throat. And children who are constantly fighting with her husband and no money constantly. I ran away to Kiev from all of them, from children, from her husband. Now I understand that for a long time so do not hold out, I'll go back to his city-hero Chernigov ".

Activists added Gale money for a ticket, and very much hope that it is not there it is waiting for something from which she escaped.

This is Nikolai, his 65 years.

"I'm not homeless, did you get? I just like it - it's my hobby. I like to find all sorts of gadgets, then modify it and sell at a flea market there, around the corner. Previously, he worked at the plant for 30 years bombed machine, I think retire me for good this distance? From our pensions and hobbies such people. Each as it may survive on this dish called life. "

"I have no one left, only my son. He is learning now, and when he was finished, he would buy me! And the new coat with a scarf, and in the street I will suffer no more. He promised!"

This woman lives in the street for 3 years. Subscribers account began to discuss it in the comments, say, a fur coat on her hair dyed, and it looks quite decent. But in its justification, activists noted that the coat on her well-worn and smelled like a woman from the homeless.

She did not need anything other than intercourse, and she lamented the whole time, it has become very ugly.

And there are hundreds of stories. And most importantly, not all the homeless need to collect millions or look for housing - the majority of them need only small everyday things, a ticket to his home town, or a simple human communication. Tell me, is it difficult?