What we lose, spending a lot of time in the virtual world

• What do we lose by swiping in the virtual world of a lot of time

Every day, technology is more pervasive in our lives, give access to vast amounts of information and help to keep in touch with other people. Many people are keen gadgets, struggle to find a balance between the virtual and the real world. So that they do lose ...

What we lose, spending a lot of time in the virtual world

1. Contact with other

The more time we spend in an embrace with smartphones, receiving information, reading the news and peeping at someone else's life, the less on real live people. Yes, we talk a lot with them messengers and social networks, and that is good. But how often do we look at each other's eyes, sitting on the arm's length? Some ten years ago, we were crossing the road, looking at the others, smiling and embarrassed, and now hangs his head down and read from the screen for something more important.

2. The ability to monitor the

Observation - an essential human trait, it helps to understand how to communicate, react, respond to others. But when we are engaged in a virtual world, the senses do little. Do we really see what is happening around us? People sitting in a coffee shop with laptops, once smelled his coffee?

3. Presence at the moment

It so happens that other people's ideas, opinions, expectations become more important than their own. Some people even forgot how to be alone with him! But it is important for personal development: to think about themselves, their goals and ambitions.

4. Communication with the outside world

When we read something in the internet, we forget about what is happening around, cease to notice not only fines but also major events. Imagination limited view other people's pictures. Have you long been looking around, walking down the street? Do pay attention to the scenery outside the window when riding on the bus or in the passenger seat of a car?

5. Life in reality

Perhaps it is time to stop living a virtual life. She can take place in the daily chart, but it should not replace reality. That is the reality we are moving forward and achieve something, it can not be replaced by something non-existent. Use the senses, to make decisions, plan for the future - all this can not be done through social networks. The Internet should be a tool, not a place where you can escape from everyday problems.