The art of giving flowers

• The art of giving flowers

The art of giving flowers

Flowers has for many centuries regarded as the most popular gift, especially for women. And not even just the flowers, and beautifully decorated flower bouquets. However, not many are capable to make bouquets of flowers, pick flowers, which will be combined with each other, which will be suitable for the event to which they are confined.

Only professional florists quite mastered the art of making bouquets. In this article we will look at variations in the most beautiful, combined with each other color combinations suitable to different events of our life.

Bouquet of Roses

White. Most standard bouquet of white roses as a gift, will always look nice and attract attention. Give it stands: the bride and groom, so you can enhance the beauty of the girls; girl, before making an offer. Take a hint, the girls will appreciate it; After a quarrel, they will symbolize the purity of intent and remorse.

Yellow. If not so serious relationship bouquet can be perceived ambiguously, but in many respects they mean that man is really good in the relationship. To donate: before a long trip, as it is believed that yellow roses - a parting; his wife, to show the sincerity of their feelings; significant personalities. Red. A bouquet of red roses can give almost any occasion, if the person to whom you are giving them, not despise them. To give: his girlfriend to tell the sincerity of your feelings; that which is pleasant, but you can not admit to making a subtle but clear hint; Red Roses can be gifted to relatives to express their gratitude.

Other Colors

Yellow lily. If a person gives a bouquet of yellow roses, he also wants to express its gratitude for something, trying to say thank you through donated bouquet.

Orchid. This presented a flower lover. If you want to express feelings, it is necessary to give his name.

Chrysanthemum. Bouquets of roses is usually presented to the people with whom they were friendly or friendly relations. Also, they often give their mentors.