Subtle but important details in Nabokov's novel "Lolita"

It would seem that who does not know the history of Lolita and Humbert? But many seemed to have missed the eye by a number of points that are radically changing the perception of this book. But Nabokov did not write an extra line - everything, every detail in the novel, plays on his plan.

Subtle but important details in Nabokov's novel

This is not a novel about a little temptress

Nabokov very strongly insisted that the cover could not endure girls, especially with sexual overtones. He believed that the focus should not be on the seductiveness of teenage girls for many men, but on the fact that in today's society, they have every opportunity to realize their fantasies dangerous for girls.

At the heart of history, it is considered - the abduction and forced confinement of a teenage girl that really happened in the US in the middle of the century. Rapist everywhere seemed father of the girl. He bullied and manipulated by her, so she did not dare to call for help. Nabokov added detail: even if a girl flirt with a grown man, even if she was not a virgin, it does not mean that it is normal to drag her into his bed.

Nabokov had planned to write a book about the tragedy of a man's - is a burgeoning beauty, of course, never love. But in the end even I wrote for him a heavy novel about the tragedy of girls whose lives are broken grown man.

Subtle but important details in Nabokov's novel

It's very clear to

To avoid ambiguity, in this book, Nabokov constantly opposes the description of Humbert (naughty girl, she climbs, so seductive) and Lolita reaction to carnal intercourse with an adult man and his forcible retention of it in the "relationship". She feels physical pain, nervous, becomes sullen, misbehaves at school, at last, beginning to demand money for each episode of intercourse - is not the development of love, she does not see what happens in between, as the relationship and "care" Humbert - as a concern, but not captured. At the end of the story of Lolita even morality derived for the most unobservant: the worst thing that Humbert deprived Lolita safe, cloudless childhood. Many remember the morals, or the book is still served as a history of the present, a complex of love in spite of the prohibitions of society?

Lolita - only a reduction in

Full name of the girl - Dolores. This is a Spanish name was very popular at the beginning of the century in the southern United States. Dolores reduced to Lola or Lolita. After the release of the mother of the book began to think of this name as a provocative male interest and stopped as call daughters. Existing Dolores often presented as Dolly instead Lola or Lolita.

On the one hand, to use a popular name was like that in the novel called Russian girl Nastya. translated as "suffering" the full name of Lolita - on the other. Most likely, Nabokov knew it.

Subtle but important details in Nabokov's novel

Nabokov very different comments about the novel

That said, he wanted to destroy him, afraid of what happened (the manuscript is literally pulled out of the fire's wife), then called him a "novel of unbridled fun." "This the most difficult thing I had to write in my life," he said in an interview with the BBC. At the same time his attitude to the text was trembling - he translated his novel on Russian publications on the case in the Soviet Union because he was afraid that his ideas, images, style distort.

Similarly, different novel perceive and readers. Some still write on the walls of the house-museum of the writer "pedophile", others recommend the book to those who want to understand why the "romance" of the adult and the child - it's about power, manipulation, and not about the feeling.

Subtle but important details in Nabokov's novel

Based on the novel is really possible to learn real techniques pedophiles

Very often, men who seduce children first seek to enchant their mother, and even marry her. Then they are attempting to ensure that fix it. Humbert was thinking about the murder, but most pedophiles conceive another child because the baby takes a lot of time, effort and attention - and attention to the second child becomes acutely missed ... And then the pedophile with gentle words, arguments about the sensuality and gifts.

Many children with which pedophiles come to penetrating contact, disenchanted with the songs of the sensibility and the special significance of such contacts between adults and teenagers - and then proceeds to a pedophile complex cocktail of bullying, cajoling and ostentatious care. He also does everything that was around the child as little as possible of people who are a girl or a boy can trust. child behavior, subjected to violence, too much is changing, and it is carefully described in the book by Nabokov.