Died creator of "Danish IKEA»

• He died the creator of "the IKEA Danish"

Died creator of

In Denmark, died one of the richest businessmen in the country - the founder of a furniture retailer Jysk, billionaire Lars Larsen. He created a company called Danish competitor IKEA

Lars Larsen Danish billionaire died at the age of 71 years. This was reported site of the local TV and Radio Danmarks Radio, with reference to an official statement the corporation Jysk, founded by businessman.

The report quoted a 47-year-old son of billionaire Brunsborga Jacob, who took over the company in June 2019. Prior to that, he led the company Larsen. Powers he resigned after doctors discovered he had liver cancer. "We're all going to miss him, and in the grief of our great loss, we will continue to make every effort to continue his work throughout his life," - said Brunsborg.

Larsen your business started in 1979. Prior to that, he served as an apprentice in a textile factory. The first store of furniture and household goods Jysk Sengetøjslager he opened in the city of Aarhus. In the next 40 years, Jysk has turned into the largest furniture retailer in Denmark. As noted by Danmarks Radio, it is now 2700 brand stores are in 52 countries around the world. Jysk called Danish competitor IKEA - both companies sell inexpensive furniture and household items, as in their portfolio a lot of furniture made of solid wood. Jysk In addition, part of the group-based businessman Lars Larsen Group of companies includes several companies operating in different sectors of the Danish economy. These include restaurants LETZ Sushi network, the manufacturer of accessories for golf Backtee, as well as hotels and other furniture brands.

According to the American Forbes, Larsen took seventh place in the list of the richest businessmen in Denmark and 424 place global ranking of billionaires. His fortune Forbes estimated at $ 4, 4 billion. In 2004, the businessman released autobiography, "My name is Lars Larsen, I've got a great deal for you!". 2, 4 million copies of the book were sent to all Danish families - it helped the businessman to become the most widely read authors in the country, says Forbes USA.