Why can rapidly appear wrinkles

Why can rapidly appear wrinkles

Ignoring points

And as the sun, and for the correction of vision. As soon as you turn 20-something, you simply must see to it, how much and in what situations squinting. If you realize that sooner perfectly saw all that was written on billboards, and now have to look closely, quickly run to the ophthalmologist and matching glasses or lenses. The fact is that when you often squint, the skin around the eye begins to lose elasticity and eventually wrinkles and crow's feet. Another reason for their appearance - ignoring sunglasses. The skin around the eyes is 40% thinner than other facial areas. Therefore, to protect it need glasses that blocks UVA and UVB rays of the type and retain elasticity.

Frequent chewing gum

Of course, the fresh breath of his mouth is very important, so when there is no time for a full cleaning of the teeth, it is necessary to look for alternatives. But this is not the cud! Whatever may be said advertising and how they did not clear the mouth (you did not believe in it, right?), The harm from such a gum more than good. In addition, it can irritate and provoke our stomach gastritis, and the danger is that with constant chewing its skin around the lips stretched. Thus, there are wrinkles. What to do? Use sprays for breath freshening, candies and lozenges. In a pinch, you can chew a few leaves of mint. It is even better, because the effect and pleasant aroma hold out longer.

Excessive cleansing

On the one hand, our skin harm to ignore the rules of hygiene and regular cleaning of the face. On the other, regular peeling and scraping. Take care therefore face very carefully and do not overdo it. For example, use scrubs only for your skin type and no more than once a week, and peels is best done under the supervision of a beautician. Another important caveat concerns the morning washing. If the evening is really the pores can be clogged and need cleaning agents, after the sleep is enough to rinse your face with water. By the way, it would be good filtered, not from the tap.

incorrect posture during sleep

Perhaps you know that sleeping on the stomach adversely affects breathing and our internal organs. But that's not all. It turns out, so we can hurt and our skin. If you sleep on your stomach, your cheek is almost all the time pressed into the pillow, because of what disturbed blood flow, and therefore the tissue does not get enough oxygen, and wrinkles appear. Therefore, experts recommend sleeping on your back or, in extreme cases, on the side. Also during sleep affects our skin pillowcase. The dermis, cosmetics or agents for styling can remain on the surface and cause redness and fine wrinkles around the eyes. It is for this reason, dermatologists recommend to change the pillow every three days, or at least treat it with hot steam iron.

The use of tubes for cocktails

British doctor and a leading cosmetologist with 28 years of experience Reha Taylor believes that the tubes are very dangerous for the person. According to her, drinking beverages through a straw is destroying the natural collagen in the lips and requires their constant stress because of what form fine mesh of wrinkles. Moreover, the same effect on the skin around the lips is smoking. And even if we consider that Weipa is less dangerous to health than regular cigarettes, lips with its use we strain as well. And sometimes more often. By the way, add duck doctor is also not recommended for photo lips.

Long work on the computer

In addition to the negative impact on vision, long sitting at the computer is dangerous for the skin. First of all, doctors say about HEV-radiation. Although it has the most impact denials and generally available, but the development in cosmetology prove that such a blue color promotes the formation of free radicals, which results in aging of the skin, disorders of pigmentation and provokes inflammatory responses. In addition, prolonged use of computers and gadgets, including smartphones, leads to deterioration of the neck skin. Therefore, if you avoid the screen does not work, try to increase the distance to them, not to work at night and in low light, and use special cosmetics for protection from radiation.


It is said that this is one of the main reasons why is recommended to drink no more than two cups of coffee per day, added to the diet of greens, vegetables and fruits. If not enough water in the body, the skin loses elasticity and becomes dry and irritated, which leads to premature wrinkling. If you consume enough water, follow the diet and condition of the dermis does not improve, you need to go to the beautician and find out the cause, but also pay attention to the temperature in your home. Dry heat and also leads to premature aging. Simply install the humidifier at home, and the skin condition improves.

Text: Tanya Kozlovsky