A delicious healthy breakfast without sugar

• Delicious healthy breakfast without sugar

A delicious healthy breakfast without sugar

from the usual pancakes banana pancakes are not only the shape and taste, but also the composition of the test: to the splendor it can add yogurt, milk or vegetable milk, and a banana can be used instead of flour. Knead the dough on banana pancakes as well as on pancakes - to a thick cream.

Flour in banana pancakes can be put, but you can not add. If desired, it can be replaced by ground chia seeds, flax or coconut.

Banana pancakes without flour

This is the easiest recipe for pancakes ever! It has only two ingredients and a minimum of calories, so that all losing weight can be accurately prepare these pancakes for breakfast.


Bananas - 2 pieces

Eggs - 2-3 pieces

How to cook:

Put the pan on the heat and add the oil to warm up.

Mix in a blender bananas and eggs. Entering the eggs one at a time to monitor the consistency of the dough - it should not pour the dough into standard pancakes, it should gradually slip from the spoon. Add the oil in a pan in the dough and quickly mix.

Banana pancakes were fried in a dry pan (as Pancake).

Serve with any toppings, ice cream, fresh berries and fruits.

Banana pancakes with flour milk

If you want something more like pancakes, just add flour and milk.


Bananas - 2 pieces

Eggs - 1 piece

Milk - 1/4 cup

Wheat flour - 1/2 cup

Vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons

How to cook:

Put a frying pan heat up.

Mixer in a large bowl, combine bananas, milk and sugar, add eggs and beat until smooth.

Add sifted flour into the dough and quickly mix.

Spread the resulting paste on the hot oil pan spoon, forming small pancakes (as fritters).

Fry each pancake on both sides until it becomes golden.

Serve cold better with jam, toppings, ice cream or fresh berries.