Legendary women whom little is known about their husbands

Few can remember the names of the men who accompanied (or continue to follow) on the life of famous women. And they grew for their wives in these guardian angels, ready to endure the whims of women, sometimes even to tolerate their hobbies just for the opportunity to be with the one that had once won his heart. Who are they, husbands well-known, famous and even legendary women?

Legendary women whom little is known about their husbands

Maria Callas

Legendary women whom little is known about their husbands

Her life could have turned out very differently if one day in the way of the famous singer is not met her fatal love, Aristotle Onassis. Feelings for him had a really devastating effect. But at the time acquaintance with billionaire Maria Callas she was married to a man who truly loved opera diva.

Italian industrialist Giovanni Battista Meneghini and the young singer Maria Callas met in 1947. He was older than her 27 years, and immediately noted how talented his new friend. Giovanni in love with her almost at a glance, and a month later was ready to get married. They were married almost two years, but is unlikely to Maria Callas felt for her husband as passionate feelings as he is.

Their marriage lasted 10 years and throughout this time, Giovanni Battista Meneghini was for his young wife of a faithful husband, a caring father, a generous investor and producer. He closed his eyes to Maria Callas enthusiasm for the opportunity to be near her. So it could continue for many years, though in 1959 it did not fall in love with Aristotle Onassis.

Anna Pavlova

Legendary women whom little is known about their husbands

A talented young ballerina Anna Pavlova at the time preferred not to listen to the instructions of their patron saint Kshesinskaia Matilda, which is durable for a lover of the ward of the Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich. Anna dreamed about real feelings and marriage. And she fell in love with Victor Dandre: handsome young aristocrat, courteous and well-mannered.

Evil tongues claimed that Baron Dandre made a bet that will enchant young dancer without difficulty. But things turned out by mutual love. Hand and heart of Anna Pavlova's lover did not offer, but spared no expense in equipping the life of a ballerina: rented for her luxury apartment, bestowed jewels, did not skimp on outfits and costumes, and even hired a choreographer to work with the woman. However, Anna Pavlova herself knew that she was originally no match for his Victor. Nevertheless, she married him is still out, but a few years later, when the dancer was already world famous.

After Baron Dandre was charged with embezzlement, she paid all his debts, helped to leave Russia, and they were married in London. Their marriage the couple hid until the end of days because of the occupation of Anna Pavlova was believed that a true artist should be free of marital bonds.

Marlene Dietrich

Legendary women whom little is known about their husbands

They met while working on the film "The Tragedy of Love" where aspiring actress played a cameo role, but Rudolf Sieber was an assistant director. Despite the feelings erupted, they were able to become husband and wife only a year later, after the end of the term set by his mother Marlene. In May 1923, they became husband and wife, and in December 1924 was born their daughter Maria. In fact, only lasted five years of their married life, but officially Marlene Dietrich and Rudolf Sieber spouses remained until the end of days. Their daughter confessed that his father loved his mother all his life and was ready to do anything for her. Marlene Dietrich easily make new connection, and then dropped them. But Rudolf Sieber, she always treated with warmth, supported morally and financially.

Margaret Thatcher

Legendary women whom little is known about their husbands

Denis Thatcher, a businessman and former military, with whom Margaret Roberts met at the very beginning of his political career, became his wife not only my husband, but also a true friend. Many years later she would say that prime ministers are usually doomed to loneliness. But the man never allowed the "Iron Lady" to experience this painful feeling. He is in everything and always supported his wife, created for her comfort and never reproached for unwashed dishes. However, his income was enough for it to hire a babysitter for her daughter and son, and a maid to maintain the house clean.

Denis Thatcher comfortable with the status of his husband, Prime Minister of Great Britain. He was proud of the success of his wife and ironically reacted if he tried to touch the question: "Who in your family wears the pants" Margaret Thatcher belonged to her husband with the deepest respect and gratitude, always emphasizing its important role in one's life and political career.

The loss of her husband, who died in 2003 from cancer, was for Margaret Thatcher serious blow. She is survived by wife of ten years, but her health after he left severely shaken.


Legendary women whom little is known about their husbands

The first marriage of Angela Kasner Ulrich Merkel was unsuccessful, but it left a memory of himself now the world-famous name. Two years after the official divorce Angela Merkel began to meet with Joachim Sauer, a quantum chemist. He, unlike his wife, never had political ambitions, but in science it has become one of the best in their field.

During the inauguration of the first of his spouse Joachim Sauer chose not to appear in the Bundestag, and subsequently avoided the publicity. He did not give interviews about his personal life, but willingly talked to reporters on his scientific research. Today Joachim Sauer continues to pursue science, is a professor at the University of Berlin, a member of the Royal Society of London and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Eventually he resigned to his status as German Chancellor husband and now it can be seen in some of the activities together with Angela Merkel.