Detractors at work

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Do you like your job. And most of your colleagues just ducky (especially your "office wife" and the lad that brings donuts every Friday). But there are a couple of people who seem to be strongly committed to making your life miserable. With the help of books and Lise Fosslin Molly West Duffy "No offense: the secret ability to cope with emotions at work" we'll show you how to detect in his office the 3 most toxic types of people and describe the best means to deal with them.

Detractors at work


How to calculate it. He is constantly pushing you, making the way to the cooler, he arrogated to himself the results of your team project last week and, of course, did not even bother to apologize, stepping on your foot. One day he shouted at you in front of the entire department. But strangely, sometimes such Mudaki - excellent experts in their field. They just turn your life into hell.

How to cope with it. Listen to them ... Fosslin and Duffy advised to show compassion. "Ask yourself that this could happen in the life of this man in the past, so that he became so asshole?" Maybe he had a difficult childhood, or hurt to another job, and he thinks that they should behave in the same way that protect myself. However, show compassion - not to open it. "Asshole may try to destroy your reputation or play on the vulnerability, knowing your weaknesses." If all else fails, look for an opportunity to move their workplace. According to MIT professor Thomas Allen, people are four times more likely to communicate with a colleague who is sitting closer.

The dissident

How to calculate it. What is the motto of the Dissident? "It will not work." He is always looking for opportunities to point you to flaws in your plan, but it is never useful suggestions to solve the problem. In its place you have always offered something (or at least say a few words of encouragement), in addition to his criticism, but dissident is likely to "forget" about it.

How to cope with it. First of all, listen to it (we know it's hard). However, this sarcastic attitude and denial of the hidden point of view to consider. Then ask as many questions to encourage dissidents in the right direction. "How did you find it? How to advise correct? Any idea how it should look like? "If all else fails, beat everyone else in the room with compliments. It's easy to get into the vortex of negativity because of a whiner, but can withstand cavils with the help of lightness and positivity.


How to calculate it. Such a person promises with three boxes, but do not bring to the end. However, for some reason, despite the fact that he apparently idle, he got away with it (or charmed him take his colleagues work on), and the head will never notice. How to cope with it. Never, under any circumstances, do not take the job hacks. Yes, it is not easy if the team you are only two, and undone work can reflect badly on you, including, but not give up. Better as soon as possible inform the boss about such problems with the hack. "Remember that you, as a team, need to perform the job well", - writes Fosslin and Duffy. And in this case it means to tell the boss about what is happening, so that it can eliminate the weak link, slowing workflow.