Secrets of a successful holiday

• The secrets of a successful holiday

Going on a trip, they all want to relax and nothing to worry about. In practice, as it turns out not always. Experienced travelers tell us, what is worth paying attention to.

Secrets of a successful holiday

1. Take care of money

You must be in possession of a sufficient amount of money for all the expenses and extra options (for example, an emergency back home). Or the ability to quickly get it. The best option - to take part in cash, the rest hold on the map and its very - in a safe place. The card can be a debit, but the best credit in many countries to rent a car only by credit card. If you go to Europe, keep in mind that the bills in the 500 euros did not take almost anywhere, and stoevrovuyu sometimes difficult to change.

2. Come to the beach early in the

Especially if you have a short holiday. In the morning on the beaches (and at attractions) few people and you can enjoy your holiday in a relaxed atmosphere.

3. Raduy himself

Even if in real life you do not have time to go for a massage or at the gym, on vacation, you can do everything.

4. Do not drink too much

Yes, vacation - this is relaxation, but it makes no sense to turn it into one big drinking party. Try after each drink per drinking a glass of water, and do not abuse alcohol every day.

5. Try a new

Do not give up excursions and outdoor activities, from getting to know interesting people. The more memories, the longer the pleasant feeling of the holidays!