Simple ways to sharpen scissors

• Simple ways to sharpen scissors

Like any other household tools with blades, scissors tupyatsya eventually becoming completely unusable. In such a situation it is very important to know how you can quickly return as an important instrument back into service. This can be done by one of the three most effective methods.

Simple ways to sharpen scissors Simple ways to sharpen scissors

1. Sharpening foil

Simple ways to sharpen scissors

The first thing that can be used for sharpening scissors favorite - this is a common foil. The only "but" is that the foil is best to get to hone a small pair of scissors. Frankly - only manicure. To do this, simply take a sheet of foil, after which it folds in several layers. A folded blank is cut into strips blunt scissors. The more cuts, the better will be sharpening.

Tip: This procedure is also recommended to periodically perform with have not blunted scissors to maintain their sharpness.

2. Sharpening nazhdachkoy

Simple ways to sharpen scissors

Perhaps the most popular way to sharpen scissors, which is suitable for any instrument of this kind. Only a few movements are able to return to work scissors sufficient sharpness.

Important: using nazhdachki should sharpen only the outer part of the blade. If the grind is also inside, the scissors in front of blunt and may lose all ability to continue working. Sharpening put sandpaper on a flat surface, and then begin to drive the blades of sandpaper. It is recommended to secure the reliability of paper on the table, and make out on the blade of scissors.

3. Grinding metal sponge

Simple ways to sharpen scissors

can help in bringing scissors in a sense as a sponge for washing hard. Note that the sponges are of different hardness. We are only interested in those that have a low or medium rigidity coefficient. The method is implemented in the same way in which the foil is used. Waste sponge simply cut to shreds. Do not forget to wipe with a damp cloth after sharpening scissors.

Bonus: grinding glass jar

Finally, the scissors can be sharpened using a glass jar. Note that after the procedure on its surface is guaranteed to remain numerous scratches. Therefore it is recommended to use unnecessary bank. Implemented method is very simple. Take a jar (or bottle) and begin its "cut" with a little effort.

Tip: To Bank from slipping, it is recommended to fix it with tape or a thick cloth.