Rare Soviet tanks

• Rare Soviet tanks

The Soviet Union, as one of the biggest powers in the world was forced to create a huge variety of weapons. Particular attention is always paid in the country of armored vehicles, in particular tanks, which are extremely important for the conduct of war on land. In 1980, the Soviet Union and all went very strange decision to put into service is not one, but three different basic tank.

Rare Soviet tanks

1. missile tank IT 1

Rare Soviet tanks

This machine is marketed as a missile tank destroyer, and was created in the second half of the 1950s. The tank appeared in the years when Soviet tank might start actively to melt on the background of the new developments in other countries. If in 1945 the Soviet Union was adamant in this respect, that as early as the 1960s, it became increasingly clear that the tank segment needs a major upgrade.

It was assumed that the rocket tank destroyers are all the same tanks, but without the usual cannon armament. The missiles were more accurate at long range (2-3 km), as well as more powerful. However, the missile had two significant drawbacks - the actual helplessness in the short run, but also a little ammo (10-15 missiles). Promising project had a code of "150" and after 9 years of development and testing has been closed. tank concept has proved to be unsustainable without a gun.

2. HF-7

Rare Soviet tanks

By 1941, Soviet engineers have ceased to dream on towered tanks and tried to find a way to the other extreme - to add additional tank gun. At the very fact KV-7 was an attempt to do not tank and self-propelled artillery with several weapons. As for the chassis promising machine used heavy tank KV-1. As implements become fastened to it a couple of 76.2 mm cannon ZIS-5 and F-34. There was an attempt to put three guns, but it quickly became clear that this is already too much. In addition, the ACS assumed three machine guns. During the tests, it became clear that the system volley fire guns (as originally planned) can not. On conducting a good precision fire at several targets of speech does not go. The best that could be done - focused with all the tools in one goal. As a result, by 1942, the project, initially deferred in the "back burner," all just forgot.

3. EC-7

Rare Soviet tanks

In contrast to the German engineers domestic designers never fond of superheavy machines. Even the heavy tanks of the USSR in the face of IP-2 and IP-3 were generally comparable to the German "Panther," which in Germany is considered medium tank. However, there was one exception-the machine, for the development of which has been undertaken after the war. We are of course talking about the famous tank IS-7 with a 130 mm gun (by the way, the gun is not something any exceptional).

However, EC-7 machine was truly remarkable, not least because it was the first Soviet tank, which was used for things like automated mechanism combat pack and fire control system. The project itself was buried in the early 1950s, most likely due to the undercover games at the party. However, the proposed IP-7 innovation is not wasted and used in all subsequent tanks country.

This is interesting: a prototype IC-7 remained from the Soviet era, it is stored in Moscow Kubinka.

4. The object 416

Rare Soviet tanks

Armored vehicles with rear tower were completely uncharacteristic of Soviet tank school. However, in the late 1940s, attempts were made to create and a fighting machine. Developed for machine 416 index future father of the T-54, Alexander Morozov. However, almost immediately after the start of the project, the tank had to reforge already in ACS. To arm the new machine was a 100-mm gun D-10T. The creation of a new type of tower, Soviet designers have spent 3 years.

Unfortunately, Morozova failed. The tank was quite a large number of design flaws that fix was not possible.