Common traps that we fall

No need to create illusions: life is full of pitfalls, and they are arranged especially for us! There are many things that we do to ruin your life, and many of these things lead us into a trap from which it is really very difficult to get out. Whether it's debt or meaningless daily pursuit of success, around there are so many holes in which we are able to please, sometimes without even realizing it!

Common traps that we fall

Today we are not just going to show you how you can avoid a lot of trouble - as most of them are in some way connected with money - but also touch on some of the less dangerous traps such as unexpectedly ended toilet paper. It's time to reveal some of the most common pitfalls that a person gets at least once in his life, and learn to avoid them. After all, as they say, forewarned - is forearmed.

To begin, let's deal with the very notion that there is no confusion. Beliefs trap - is any situation of physical or psychological in nature, once in which a person does not see the possibility of an immediate release. Life's traps can be any physical objects, psychological persuasion and / or specific circumstances. Now that we have agreed on the concept, are you ready?

The fact that we are going to share with you valuable information. You will learn what you should pay attention to in everyday life. It will not make you a professional, but can be saved from extreme poverty ... at least we hope so. Here are twenty-life pitfalls that most people fall on one or another stage.

The trap of gambling

This idea is that if something happens often (say, 50 times in a row nickel with coin drops eagle up), it increases the likelihood of another embodiment (that is about to fall tails). This superstitious fallacy comes from the idea that the universe must be some way to redress the balance. Believe me, it caused an ocean of pain wallets of people in places such as Las Vegas.

The visual contact with the sellers in the mall

You irrevocably bound to lose 5 precious minutes of your life that no one will return.

The illusion that you are not acting Marketing

Marketing - is not just advertising. This is a whole science of dastardly tricks impact that you never expect. Even the floor on which you stand in some stores, can be specifically designed to influence your sense of comfort, perception and action.

The belief that you have to get a higher education

In the world there are many people who live well and are engaged in important work without diplomas.

Inflation lifestyle

When we begin to make more money, we are increasing the costs. Unfortunately, this leads many people to struggle all his life for a wage that allows them to preserve and maintain their way of life. Alternative, especially for those who live in high-income countries, is a simple formula: first save and then invest to achieve financial freedom.

The house is over toilet paper

Alas, nothing against this scourge can not be done, so just accept. People around the world are divided into two categories: those who have already experienced this humiliation, and those to whom it has to be.

Traps irrecoverable costs of

Here the idea is that people who have invested some money in a useless purchase (say, $ 300 for participating in the conference, you do not really want to go), oddly enough, will invest more, despite the fact that the initial investment made no sense. Usually they are at the same time say to themselves something like "I'm able to spend more money on this conference."

Western biggest "Download" button on the computer screen

Do not press this button ever. Do not worry, you will regret it.

Financial pyramid

If you do not fall into this trap, you probably have at least one friend who went bankrupt on greed and gullibility.

deficiency Traps

If you are experiencing poverty or lack of something, for example, time or personal happiness, you very likely will take precisely those solutions that will lead to even greater poverty. This, in essence, self-fulfilling prophecy. So, depression leads to isolation, which leads to even more depression. The vicious circle Seriously thing. Learn to recognize it at the time, and stay away.

The desire to please all the people

As we age, we realize that people will always find a reason for criticism, no matter how and what we do. You did not help the homeless? Callous, heartless man. You'll help the homeless? Then you - soft on which their thoughtless actions help the homeless continue to antisocial lifestyle.

The habit does not make backup copies of your files

This file is of little value, right? Yes, but it is only as long as your computer is not one fails.


If you live in the first world, it is especially important. Do not listen to those who say that the way life is. Remember, you can live without debt.

The life - career ladder

This applies not only to work, but also life in general. We want to get a better job, to buy a bigger house for the content of which we need more high-paying job, and it will allow to buy another house. And so on - until the end. Life itself, you can not see.

The lack of habit to write down important information

"There is no need to write, and so I remember everything" - is the biggest lie that almost all of us say to ourselves.

Excessive confidence in the internal memory

Alas, the memory often fails us, and this is common knowledge. Phenomena such as the effect of Mandela show how millions of people can remember things that never happened (Nelson Mandela dies in prison). So when you and all your friends swear that this or that event actually happened ... it is not particularly much. Recent studies have led scientists to conclude that the evidence, which anciently regarded as one of the most important evidence in court, should also be put into question and scrutinize. In essence, the more firmly you remember something, the greater the chance of error, and for this there are a number of reasons, which most people do not even realize.

A short break to check out the "facebook"

Yes of course. The keyword here is "short." Very funny. This trap has killed billions of man-hours of useful activity

A solid belief in the correctness

This trap is located somewhere close to the excessive reliance on private memory. We all make the same mistake. We are so confident in the correctness of his position, which is often simply do not want to accept the fact that the opinions of others, too, may be of value.


Perhaps this is the biggest trap that we humans find ourselves regularly. In the extreme, tribalism leads to nationalism and racism, but it affects us on all levels of life. Do you agree with the fact that all people who believe in something or follow something (insert any appropriate phrase), are in a dangerous delusion? Congratulations, it's tribalism. Sports, countries, jobs - it's everywhere. What are the pros? Well, tribalism promotes solidarity within the community. However, a disadvantage is that it can easily lead to conflicts and wars. Funny, but consider themselves free from tribalism and despise anyone who is exposed to it - it's quite a severe form of tribalism.


Who is not familiar with a disgusting feeling when face and hands entangled sticky network? As a rule, there is no danger to human web is not Tahiti, but it is the literal a trap on our list.