Revolvers, conquered the Wild West

• Revolvers, conquered Wild West

Of the Wild West is one of the most "romantic" period of American history: the ruthless gangsters, daring robbers, sheriffs, Indians, Chinese immigrants and, of course, weapons. A lot of really cool weapons. Specifically, today we will focus on the most interesting revolvers, which at that time wanted to procure for himself every local resident.

Revolvers, conquered the Wild West

1. Colt Paterson

Revolvers, conquered the Wild West

One of the latest five-shot revolvers "Colt", production of which began in 1834. Weapons intake under caliber .28 inches. The first samples of the revolver is characterized by low reliability, but because often wedges and even completely out of order. The process of loading was maloudobnym and frankly unsafe. Of particular interest in these weapons by the United States Army was not, for obvious reasons. As a result, manufacture, which produced Colt Paterson, ruined due to low demand.

Interesting fact: the revolver Colt Paterson "actively participated" in the grand battle at the pass Bander, which faced the Texas Rangers and the Mexican army.

Revolver weighed 1.2 kg and had a length of 350 mm. The initial velocity of the bullet caliber .36 inches reached 270 m / s.

2. Colt Walker

Revolvers, conquered the Wild West

This revolver was designed personally by Samuel Colt in conjunction with Samuel Hamilton Walker, Texas Ranger captain. The outcome of the creative team, we got one of the most powerful of the Wild West revolvers caliber .44. The new capsule six-shooter was much better than its predecessor. Although it entered the market relatively small (at the time) with a circulation of 1,100 copies. The weapon was very heavy, it weighs 2.5 kg! Full length - 394 mm. Muzzle velocity could reach 370 m / s.

3. Colt Dragoon Model 1848

Revolvers, conquered the Wild West

This powerful revolver Colt was developed in 1948 by the US Government. It was intended primarily for weapons of horse mountain shooters. The model has received a number of significant improvements over its predecessors, in particular, has become a lot easier. Weighed revolver for dragoons 1.9 kg. revolver length was 375 mm. Samuel Hamilton Walker shot .44 caliber cartridges. The most important thing was that the sample was the first truly massive gun "Colt" company.

4. Colt Navy 1851

Revolvers, conquered the Wild West

This revolver is notable primarily by the fact that at one time was specially developed for the US Army officers of arms. He produced a revolver from 1961 to 1973. Unlike many other models of the company, the revolver was actively exported, primarily to the United Kingdom. Modern experts believe Colt Navy one of the most committed and no less importantly - stylish capsule revolvers of his era.

Interesting fact: in the XIX century it was possible to see the Colt Navy 1851 armed with not only the US but also Austria-Hungary, Prussia, Great Britain, and even the Russian Empire.

Revolver weighed 1.2-1.3 kg. Full length was 330 mm. The main caliber - .36. Muzzle velocity reaches 230 m / s.

5. Remington M1858

Revolvers, conquered the Wild West

This gun more often learn titled Remington New Model. From the outset, it was produced by Eliphalet Remington & Sons under two calibers - .36 and .44. It is noteworthy that the holder of a patent on the revolver was the company Colt. Weapons were produced 17 years, until 1875. Both samples have similar technical characteristics and have enjoyed great popularity in the market. Weight gun - 1.27 kg. Length - 337 mm. Muzzle velocity indicator could reach 350 m / s.

6. Colt Army Model 1860

Revolvers, conquered the Wild West

This sample revolver was developed and launched on the market in 1860. It was produced weapons for 13 years and could become the most recognizable revolver US Civil War. Due to high performance, the gun was in demand not only in the military but also civilians. Revolver cost $ 20, which is a lot for your time.

Weapon weighs 1.2 kg. revolver length - 355 mm. Muzzle velocity is 305 m / s. Shooting guns .44 caliber cartridges.

7. Peacemaker

Revolvers, conquered the Wild West

Finally, in 1873 the company released a Colt perhaps its most successful revolver under the name M1873 Single Action Army. More often being recognized for "ironic" nickname Peacemaker. This weapon could become a cult during his lifetime. These days, this revolver whole army of fans. Produced "peacekeepers" for the civilian market weapons until 1940. The US Army, they were until 1892.

Initially the gun was calculated chambered .45 Long Colt. Weapon weighs 1.048 kg. Length - 318 mm. bullets energy is 710-750 J.