Correct eating habits Tips nutritionists

• Correct eating habits Tips nutritionists

Healthy eating - is not only the right choice of products, but also a normal relationship with food, and this people often forget. Nutritionists tell us how to think about what you eat.

Correct eating habits Tips nutritionists

1. Think about why you eat

Ask yourself, do you really feel hungry or eating for comfort, get rid of stress and loneliness? Or maybe you want someone that please? If it turns out that's not the hunger, you will think about.

2. Hope for the best

You can overcome all setbacks and seize them. And if you made a choice in favor of unhealthy eating habits, do not scold yourself, it makes no sense.

3. Not all rules are equally useful

Certainly a child you were asked to eat up every last crumb and join the "society of clean plates." Now you can get out of it!

4. You have your personal needs

No need to install yourself hundreds of rules that hard to follow. Try to notice hunger and saturation points. Do not compare yourself to the models of TV: anorexia nobody paint.

5. Put the goals are achieved

Many of the goals related to weight loss, are unhealthy or impossible. Do not think the sweet enemy, let it be a stumbling block, which can sometimes afford to not be broken. Remember that there is a feeling of joy for the sake of meaningless: it is better to brew a cup of tea or go for a walk.