The shortest celebrity marriages domestic

• The shortest marriages of celebrities domestic

The expression "Till death do us part" - certainly not about our heroes. Someone stayed married just over a year, and some could not resist and nights!

Anna and Anton Khil'kevich Pokrepa

One and half year

The shortest celebrity marriages domestic

Pokrepa worked as an administrator on the set of the series "Barvikha" starring Khil'kevich. Office romance lasted for about four years, with the status ... the couple lasted one and a half years! According to the actress, at the time of the wedding in their relationship there was no passion. "We are tired of each other," - says Anna after a divorce (in 2012). The couple parted friends, and even Anna kept warm relations with ex-law.

Korikova Elena and Dmitry Lipskerov

11 months

The shortest celebrity marriages domestic The shortest celebrity marriages domestic

The first time the actress married the writer Dmitry Lipskerova. By the time Korikovoy have already had a son, Arseny, which actress gave birth to a student. And on the first date with Lipskerova girl came with a toddler! Dmitry later admitted that such behavior actress troubled him and he did not immediately decided to start to take care of Elena. Still, for the acquaintance was followed by the novel and the short-lived marriage. As acknowledged by the writer, their relationship has destroyed pathological jealousy Korikovoy.

Sergei Zverev Jr. and Mary Bikmaeva

6 months

The shortest celebrity marriages domestic

Sergei Zverev Jr., who took part in the reality "star in a cube" as a child by his father, after a majority rejected the secular life and reduced contact with his father to a minimum. But the culmination of the conflict between father and son took place after the decision Zverev Jr. move to Kolomna and married a local girl Mary Bikmaeva. Zverev elder son's wedding did not appear, although the invitation received. The marriage lasted a little longer: Zverev Jr. and Bikmaeva married last March, and six months later realized that was a mistake. After the news of the divorce she told journalists hope that now the father and son will be able to restore the relationship.

Anastasia Makeeva and Peter Kislov

Seven months

The shortest celebrity marriages domestic

"Who first made the offer, the fact is not particularly thinking, and went," - frankly admits the actress, which, according to her, I just wanted to take a walk at the wedding and become an adult. But her husband to get serious did not want to. After the wedding, he had quit college party dorm, quickly tired of life and communion with his young wife. After another quarrel the young couple decided to live separately for a month, but tart home and never returned.

Zhenya Belousov and Natalia Vetlickaya

9 days

The shortest celebrity marriages domestic

In the 90s sex symbol Vetlitskaya dedicate songs Dmitry Malikov and Zhenya Belousov. The latter, incidentally, albeit short-lived, but was lawful spouse of the singer. Musicians were married from 1 to 10 January 1989. This original way to spend a long New Year holidays. According to his friends pair, star wedding walked all 10 days. But sober, the couple went to file for divorce.

Juna and Igor Matvienko

24 hours

The shortest celebrity marriages domestic The shortest celebrity marriages domestic

Today, almost no one remembers the story of the wedding healer Juna and Igor Matvienko, and in fact in 1986, their 24-hour marriage was discussing the whole country. According to legend, the 37-year-old Jung herself made an offer 26-year-old Matvienko, but the wedding day ran out of the restaurant, without explaining the reasons. Since Juna has not decided on a new marriage, and after the death of his son in 2001 until his death lived a recluse.