Myths and truth about the hangover

• Myths and truth about the hangover

Alcohol - evil even greater evil - the state of the morning after a heavy alcohol abuse. We decided to collect all the most absurd and common myths about hangovers and debunk them to no longer entertain the hope, and be prepared for the worst. Plus we've added a few ways to get real work in the morning without tears of repentance.

Myths and truth about the hangover Myths and truth about the hangover

Myth №1. You need to drink Alka-Seltzer before bedtime.

This is a magic drug (active ingredient - aspirin) is better to drink in the morning and before bedtime, try to drink as much as possible with warm water. . Professor David J. Clayton, one of the authors of the book "Healthy Guide to Unhealthy way of life" is very praises ibuprofen: "Take 800 mg of ibuprofen an hour before you need to be in shape. Even if you feel terrible, an hour later you will be much better. "

Myths and truth about the hangover

Myth №2. Alcohol is low in calories more useful.

If. According to a study by Chris Reiner, MD, from the Australian Royal Adelaide Hospital, dry wine and champagne all people get drunk faster. Cause? Due to the low caloric content beverage is rapidly excreted from the stomach. The blood passes through the liver first where a certain amount of alcohol consumed filtered. But due to the rapid release of the stomach occurs glut liver. Consequently, through the circulatory system runs more alcohol.

Myths and truth about the hangover

Myth №3. Thick dinner absorbs and mitigates alcohol hangover.

The attempt is not bad, but to ease the hangover, the food must be in the stomach before drinking. If you are busy digesting steak, your martinis will longer be absorbed into the blood. Afraid of aperitifs!

Myths and truth about the hangover

Myth №4. When you drink through a straw, slowly get drunk.

It's not about how alcohol from a glass gets into your mouth, and in the type of glass. As a result of research conducted in Cornell University, it was found that people - even experienced bartenders - is poured on 20-30% more alcohol in a low glass with thick walls than in a tall, narrow highball.

Myths and truth about the hangover

The Myth №5. Wine better beer.

Well, why not? Good wine no more than beer. But the head of it in the morning, by the way, it hurts even more. All the matter is contained in the wine tannins. In general, alcohol ages.

Myths and truth about the hangover

Myth №6. The more you weigh, the slower pyaneesh.

In this case, more important, what sex someone who gets drunk. "In women, it always turns faster and stronger than men, even if the opponents in the same weight category," - scientists say. Men have a higher concentration of alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme responsible for breaking down alcohol, which means that the process of metabolism they pass better.

Myths and truth about the hangover

The Myth №7. If the free drinks, calories do not accumulate.

OK, we know that in fact you do not believe it, but when someone else pays for everything, your opinion changes dramatically. The true value of "happy hour" is - four cocktail commit against your diet sabotage weight of 880 kcal, which is equivalent to five glazed donuts! A glass of beer is equal cheeseburger from McDonald's.

Myth №8. And then I poisoned oatmeal cookies.

By drinking any alcohol resistance of the body decreases as the level of that of the alcohol increases. Hence, "to raise the degree" - is even worse than the "lowering". But best of all do not mix - it's easier to monitor their condition.