Peganskaya diet for those who love fruits and vegetables

• Peganskaya diet for those who love fruits and vegetables

Diet does not happen much, but some of them at the hearing, and some - not. The latter include a meal plan designed nutritionist Mark Hyman in 2014. Peganskaya combines the advantages of a vegan diet and paleodiety and the assurances of the author, it helps to feel better and lose weight.

Peganskaya diet for those who love fruits and vegetables

What is it?

As the name implies, in peganskoy diet retained the basic principles of vegan and paleo. It sounds strange, considering how they are different, but the combination of rather interesting.

Paleodieta based on the consumption of meat, fruits, vegetables, but limit legumes, cereals, dairy products, starchy vegetables, and alcohol. Vegan bans meat and generally any products of animal origin, including gelatin, omega-3 and honey. It is obvious that they have in common - permission to eat fruits and vegetables.

What can I eat?

Vegetables and fruits should make up about 75% of the diet. Meat - additional rather than a main course. Also in the diet:

- healthy fats (omega-3 and nuts and seeds, coconut oil, avocado);

- gluten-free whole grains;

- fish, beef, pork, chicken - a little;

- Sugar as a rare treat.

What to avoid?

- Milk products;

- the majority of cereals;

- legumes;

- refined oil.

But is this useful?

The author recommends a diet based on the state of health of each individual. He said his plan for gentle power of nature.

Criticism peganskoy diet includes doubts about the prohibition of certain groups of products. But the abundance of fruits and vegetables - this is definitely a good thing.