The salary of members of the "firing squad" in the USSR

• The salary of members of the "firing squad" in the USSR

The salary of members of the

The death penalty in the Soviet Union has always existed - and not just in the law. For certain crimes the perpetrator waiting to be shot. There was a machine that serves the needs of the law enforcement system. Its basis was the so-called firing squads, consisting of five people, which resulted in the execution of sentences. These people are all representatives of their professions in the Soviet Union, "held" in accounting and received a salary in accordance with the staffing.

How worked firing squads

Typical firing squad consisted of four people. In addition to the executioner, it included a doctor, the duty of which is to confirming death, as well as a representative of the prosecutor's office and police department operational department. It tells Lydia Golovkova in his article "Butovo Polygon", in rare cases, the team can be increased up to five people. But this was mainly during the mass repression - in 1970-80-ies. limited to "four".

Number of themselves firing squads were different for each of the republics of the USSR - the number of special detention centers, where they spent shooting. So in Ukraine and Georgia, there were two, three - in Azerbaijan, four - in Tajikistan, etc. How many "special" prison was in the USSR, is now known for certain -.. This information is still classified. SSR was where their firing squads was not - it is the Baltic republics and Moldova. There is a popular myth that suicide bombers from there was transferred to Minsk, where they were shot. But this is not the case. Khalid Yunusov, who has worked for a long time the head of the firing squad in Azerbaijan, said that the punishment is carried out still in the Baltic States, but only forces "travel." Very often sent to his firing squad - yet to a small republic three executioner - a bit too much, and often they had to sit around.

How many paid

Well, now turn to the question of payment - we are told in such detail is not for nothing that the whole system was set up. The fact that all members of the firing squad were paid in accordance with staffing - for positions that occupied. Executioner appointed someone from the "trusted" people. Usually I chose those who were dissatisfied with the salary, because the one who directly execute a sentence, received about 200 rubles a month. Individual awards were for "enforceability". One hundred and fifty received direct executor and a hundred rubles - the other team members. Also - if the team worked, and did not sit "without penalty" - its members to pay quarterly bonuses - for 150-170 rubles. In addition, they were given a day off on the day of the shooting - immediately after the signing of the "Works". If a command is sent on a mission - for the execution of criminals in the Baltic States and Moldova - that they have received travel, again according to staffing. Most often traveled on business trips it was the representatives of Azerbaijan - not to sit around in a small country and not be left without bonuses and quarterly.