Reason appearances nightly pains in the legs

• The cause of occurrences of night pain in the legs

If you wake up in the middle of the night from the pain in the legs, you're not alone: ​​such troubles experienced by about 60% of adults. It is interesting that until now doctors can not clearly answer the question of what causes the muscles to tighten and cause pain. But a few reasons yet known, and in many cases it becomes clear how to alleviate the condition.

Reason appearances nightly pains in the legs

1. No load

Our ancestors used the leg muscles constantly, including often squatted and modern lifestyle that is not conducive.

2. Dream in an uncomfortable position

If you sleep, for example, on the abdomen face in the pillow, the calf muscles are in an awkward position, and even a slight movement causes discomfort. It is best to sleep on your side.

Season 3.

Interestingly, the leg usually brings in the summer than in the winter. The reason - the nerve endings are actively growing and are replaced in the summer due to elevated levels of vitamin D.

4. Dehydration

May cause nocturnal muscle spasms, and too often in the summer.

5. Too active workout

Hard training has long been associated with pain in the legs. Overstrained muscles and tired. Most often suffer from it professional athletes.

6. The lack of trace elements

Lack of calcium, magnesium and potassium plays an important role in causing muscle pain. These elements support the water-salt balance and help the body function better.

7. Receive drugs

Some diuretics and drugs for anemia can cause muscle cramps.

8. Pregnancy

It affects the circulatory and nervous systems of women and can cause pain in the legs.

9. Diseases

Diabetes, depression, diseases of the spine can cause pain in the legs, among other symptoms.