The most inspirational movies

The most inspirational movies

About inspirational films can talk for hours, but it is better to see once than to hear seven times. We offer our list of the most inspiring films about life, love and happiness.

Big Fish

"The biggest fish in the river becomes the one that will not bite on the bait ..."

Film-tale Tim Burton, as well as all his paintings, it is simply impossible to forget after viewing. History visionary Edward Bloom says that each of us has his own reality: someone looking at the sky and see the clouds, and someone - a bottomless world of universes.

Forrest Gump

"You'll always be yourself, only different."

Robert Zemeckis has created a masterpiece that can be reviewed at least every month. Even when you think you know every word and phrase, with a new view you open the film in a different way. The life of an unusual boy who has become famous, but did not become vain, really inspiring.

Little Miss Sunshine

"There is no point in the competition, if you do not believe in his victory."

If you suddenly, like the main character of the film, decided to become "Miss Sunshine", all around, one way or another, will help you. If not always the way you want it. The main thing - to enjoy the process itself.

The Bucket List

"Could be better, but there could be a lot worse."

Terrific cast and a great sense of humor. In this inspirational film you will not find a single mindless dialogue, no morals. But the film will bring you to the idea that life is not shelved.

Eat Pray Love

"Learn how to choose your thoughts, how to choose clothes in the closet every day."

The film, based on the book, gives a simple recipe against apathy and depression - choose any three of the country and immediately goes on a journey. The unusual conditions are much easier to understand and accept themselves. At the main character all it happened so go for you. Maybe once it will remove the inspirational film about travel and your history.

The Pursuit of Happyness

"Happiness - it's something that maybe we did not find, although we will always look for, in spite of everything, in advance, we will not know."

Biographical film based on real events, shows what they are capable people for the sake of those whom they love. it also teaches that even in the most difficult times, you have to believe and move on, to go his way.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

"The real beauty is always hidden from view."

Many of us constantly dream and forget about real life. But sometimes you need to stop and just start to live to the full. This picture shows the incredible adventures of the incredible failure of the office, who is tired of boring life and decided to change the world.

Pay It Forward

"Think about how you can change the world - and realize your idea in action!"

The little boy wanted to change the world and come up with how to do it. His theory of gratitude for good deeds is simple: you help - help three other people. Unfortunately, in the world of cruelty not everyone gets what they deserve. But some dreams are simply obliged to become a reality.

is always "yes" say

"There is one word that can change consciousness. And the word 'yes'!"

Hero Jim Carrey is in a state of deep depression. That's why he decides everything and always say "yes." So his life becomes an incredible adventure. These adventures are useful to each of us.


"Life - is waiting."

It is a pity that the list ends, because you can include absolutely all the paintings in the collection of inspirational films, played by Tom Hanks. However, Steven Spielberg's film "Terminal" can rightly be considered one of the most life-affirming. Melodrama with comedy elements of the parable is the character. The picture shows how the work of the bureaucratic machine can ruin the life of a man. In addition, if you are sincere, as the hero Hanks, then you can find real friends anywhere.