Celebrities who do not pay their employees

• Celebrities who do not pay their employees

Star chefs often abuse of official position. Celebrities not only behave aggressively towards workers, but do not pay fees. Most dishonest employers star - in this material.

Lady Gaga

Celebrities who do not pay their employees

Many former employees of Lady Gaga's claim that the singer does not respect its own staff. For example, in 2011, the former assistant Jennifer O'Neill Star tried to sue rabotodatelnitsy 400 thousand dollars for overtime and damages.

Details of the conflict, she told editor Page Six. "I had to 24 hours a day to stay close to the singer, including during sleep," - Jennifer complained. By the way, like memories shared and previous assistant Gaga. In addition, she claimed that the pop diva made her sleep with her in the same bed together and take a shower, because she was afraid to do it alone.

Katt Williams

Celebrities who do not pay their employees

The American comedian Katt Williams was often the instigator of fights, his name often appeared in tabloid scandalous headlines. Once the actor beat his assistant Angelina Triplet Hill. While working with the star it is not just seen as a comedian raised his hand to colleagues, but preferred to keep silent about such cases, but in vain. Once the turn and herself. After a powerful strike Hill fainted. For inflicting serious bodily girl demanded that Williams million dollars. Kat has not paid the full amount.

Naomi Campbell

Celebrities who do not pay their employees

One of the housekeepers quit from Naomi, when she in a fit of rage threw her face mobile phone. Offended employee promptly sued. According to the court decision, the star had to pay the woman $ 8 million. Model gradually started to give money, but then changed her mind. Campbell was vindictive special and did everything that she no longer found work in show business.

Mariah Carey

Celebrities who do not pay their employees

The ex-assistant Mariah Carey Lianna Azaryan has repeatedly been harassed and beaten by celebrities. In addition, the former assistant to the court stated that the dismissal has not been part of the annual salary. Interestingly, earlier Carey and she sued for a long time with his ex-manager Stella baker for allegedly flimsy charges. Assistant claimed that the pop diva has repeatedly leaning her to have sex and did not pay a salary.

In 2018 the conflict was peacefully resolve in court. However, the conditions under which eventually agreed to Mariah and Stella, one can only guess.

Olga Buzova

Celebrities who do not pay their employees

In 2016, Olga has published a book "The price of happiness," which told the story of his success. The sponsoring company filed a claim for the writer - to promote a book twice a week in Instagram. The document stipulates that if Buzova not begin to do this, the pre-trial claim will turn into a lawsuit to 8 million rubles. Star did not spread positions and refused to pay the debt. Olga was lucky that the agency ultimately did not sue.