Resident "aged" in China for 30 years because of the love of coffee

• A resident of China "aged" for 30 years because of the love for coffee

Chinese resident had to pay their own health for the love of coffee. This invigorating and flavored drink has led to the fact that the 30-year-old Xiao Han (Han Xiao) from Wuhan, "turned" in 60-year old woman. For information on how coffee was shattered by a young girl, and of the dangers of the drink from a scientific point of view, read our material.


Chinese player Han Xiao, like many others, until recently loved to start their mornings with a cup of coffee. After that, the girl is sent to the office, where during the day drank 7-10 cups of a refreshing drink.

Han Xiao know that coffee in large quantities can be harmful, but that is so ...


Once the girl started coughing, which she, of course, be attributed to the cold. Once cough tortured her for about ten minutes, and then she felt a pain in his chest, and when she felt better, went to bed.

Waking up in the morning, Han Xiao immediately went to the hospital, because all night it did not leave the unpleasant sensations in the lungs. Doctors X-rayed and found that the girl broke three ribs. Detailed examination showed that fractures occurred due to severe coughing. Such fragility of the patient's bone worried doctors, so they decided to spend a few more procedures.


Han Xiao passed densitometry - analysis to help determine bone mineral density. The results showed that the bones of a 30-year-old girl at his condition is almost the same as in the elderly. According to doctors, in the near future Xiao should prepare for the development of osteoporosis - a serious disease of the musculoskeletal system, which usually occurs in the elderly. Experts tried to find out what led to the destruction of tissue density, and were shocked when Khan told how much she drinks coffee daily. According to doctors, the regular use of caffeine may speed up the development of osteoporosis. However, as other negative factors: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sodas, unhealthy lifestyle, and so on.


Scientists can not agree in opinion regarding the effect of coffee on human bone density. Rheumatologist Rochelle Rozia convinced that sodas and drinks containing caffeine, result in their "aging". At the same time the head of the Center for Osteoporosis states that no link between drinking coffee and fragility of bones were found.

Professor Connie Weaver believes that the more coffee a person drinks, the more calcium excreted in the urine. But you need to worry about it only the "coffee people" who have already been deficiency of calcium in the body.

Do you like coffee?