Why do not need to eat carbohydrates for breakfast

• Why did not need to eat carbohydrates for breakfast

Bread, rolls, cereals ... If your day begins with a carbohydrate, it's time to listen to what it says nutritionist. Recent studies have shown that low-carbohydrate breakfast help reduce weight and improve endurance. In addition, they are good for health. And that's why!

Why do not need to eat carbohydrates for breakfast

1. Accelerating the metabolism of

Low-carb foods are digested quickly and helps burn more calories - an average of as much as 209 calories per day compared with those who love carbs.

2. Appetite Control

The same study from Harvard Medical School, showed that the level of ghrelin hormones leptin and lower in those who eat few carbohydrates. So you want to eat less.

3. Long saturation

Surely you have heard that it is important for long-term saturation eat more protein. Low-carb meals while useful, in which little fat.

4. Increase endurance

For sports there is little useful carbohydrates and high in fat (but not as extreme as in the ketogenic diet). Then, the body stores energy is better and faster to burn excess fat.

5. The loss of "harmful" fat

When the low carb diet will go probably the most unpleasant type of fat, which is located in the abdomen.

What to eat for breakfast?

If you decide to reduce the consumption of bread and cereals, eat eggs in any form, berries, nuts, seeds, spinach, mushrooms, unsweetened yogurt (they just can add berries or nuts). If you do not like it, you can return to the usual mode!