Russian artists who have lost their sight

It is impossible to imagine how people can survive the loss of vision. Seeing the world in all its diversity to then plunge into total darkness, it's a real drama. And if the artist loses sight? He immediately lost the opportunity to not only see, but also to create. However, in the fine arts history many examples of how artists have gone through similar tests. Among the artists who have lost their sight, many well-known artists.

Russian artists who have lost their sight

Dmitry Levitsky

Russian artists who have lost their sight

The artist in the XVIII century, is considered one of the best portrait painters, but still was a favorite of the Empress Catherine the Great. Portraits had ordered almost all the members of the royal family, not behind them representatives of other noble families. Created by artist portrait gallery of figures of culture and art was unique, portraits of his heroes differed vivacity and warmth. The flowering of the popularity of Dmitry Levitsky came in the 1770-1780's, but by the end of the XVIII century, the artist began to forget.

In 1807, the artist once again announced itself, this time as a teacher of the Academy of Arts. His last picture, he wrote in 1812, possibly all the subsequent years, he has lived in the dark. On the last years Dmitry Levitsky life little is known, only after he left the artist's widow wrote a petition to the Academy for assistance in the 600 rubles which she owed for the funeral. He described it in a letter and a very disastrous financial situation due to prolonged illness spouse. Help she did not wait, but put up for sale painting Dmitry Levitsky, "John the Baptist".

Mikhail Vrubel

Russian artists who have lost their sight

Unsurpassed master, who could work with almost any technique, unfortunately, too quickly addicted to the bohemian life. He knew the delights of unrequited love, do not hesitate to seek solace in the beautiful representatives of the oldest profession.

It is unlikely that if a talented artist thought about the consequences of such "comfort". It also has had an effect, when Mikhail Vrubel was barely 42 years. By that time, the artist has managed to conquer the heart of Nadezhda Zabela, he became her legal spouse. The disease begins with a strong migraine, and later became a master manifest severe mental disorder. The diagnosis of "incurable paralysis" caused by syphilitic infection, he put psychiatrist Vladimir Bekhterev.

The last 8 years of his life many times with varying degrees of success was undergoing treatment in psychiatric hospitals. Having rehabilitation, he again took up the brush, but in 1906 Mikhail Vrubel blind as a result of atrophy of the optic nerve. In 1910 he decided to voluntarily withdraw from life, consciously earning pneumonia. He opened the window wide open in the most severe frost and idle hours in front of her. Mikhail Vrubel was not in April 1910.

Konstantin Korovin

Russian artists who have lost their sight

A wonderful painter and theater artist Konstantin Korovin was a true love of life. He never bent under the blows of fate. Even in France, where his wife was ill with tuberculosis, son Alex was trying to settle accounts with life, and the family's financial situation was dire, he dropped his hands. He spent a lot of time with his son, telling him of his life. The artist was already 70 years old when blindness forced him to leave a favorite thing. But Konstantin Korovin discovered a new talent: he became a writer, and Alexis dictated his memoirs. When the artist's memoirs were published, many critics have noted that the writer's gift Konstantin Korovin no less artistic talent.

A heart attack in 1939 caused the death of an artist and writer.

Vladimir Yakovlev

Russian artists who have lost their sight

He did not get art education, but was able to reflect on the canvas of human emotions in all their diversity. Vladimir Yakovlev, in 16 years has practically ceased to see their pictures and wrote more than intuitive, as close to the blade face. It is generally characterized by poor health, he could not even finish high school as a result of endocrine disease. Along with the physical ailments of the artist he pursued and even mental illness. He was a youth on the account by a psychiatrist because of schizophrenia.

The last years of his life, Vladimir Yakovlev was treated in mental hospital, and with the support of a specially created fund to the artist in the early 1990s had an operation on his eyes at the institute Svyatoslav Fedorov. Their return eyesight almost no impact on the style of the master writing. Vladimir Yakovlev died in 1998 without leaving the clinic.

Timur Novikov

Russian artists who have lost their sight

The artist and rebel Timur Novikov was distinguished not only for his talent, but also a very peculiar view of the world in general and art in particular. He started to paint during his school years in the circle for drawing in the House of Pioneers, was inspired by the beauty of the Far North, he organized a completely unique exhibition. The artist has managed to go from the avant-garde and primitivism to classical painting, become a designer concerts of famous musicians to work in cinema as an artist and actor, to arrange several groups, open gallery apartment, and even the Academy of Arts. It is not for nothing called a man-revolutionary era and the fine arts. Timur Novikov in 1997 suffered a serious illness as a result of which no longer see. But that did not make the artist to abandon the work. Until the end of his life he painted and arranged art exhibitions. He especially liked to shock the audience, pretending that treats people, holding his eye-glass.

The artist died in 2002 as a result of pneumonia.