6 causes yellowing of teeth

• 6 Reasons yellowing teeth

There comes a day when you view photos with a broad smile, or more carefully looking at his reflection ... Ba, and teeth a yellowed! The reason for this - thinning of the initially white enamel when the inner layer of the tooth - Dentin - becomes noticeable, and it is just the same yellow. What could be the reason?

6 causes yellowing of teeth

1. You have too many teeth poloschesh

Saliva - excellent protection for your teeth, it has the correct pH-balance, it washes away excess acid and food remnants. Rinse your mouth is useful, but many fluids contain too much acid, and the enamel is suffering. If you're concerned about bad breath, better once to brush your teeth or go to the dentist for professional cleaning.

2. Do you eat a lot of acidic fruits and vegetables

For example, citrus fruits, tomatoes, pineapple, eat sweet and some sports drinks, pour in the salad a bit too much vinegar. It is not necessary to remove all this from the diet, then simply wash down with water. It is also useful to wash the teeth with water after drinking black tea and red wine.

3. How often do you drink coffee

He, of course, useful, but not for the enamel. If you do not clean up traces of coffee with teeth, toothy smile is not achieved. And even if you drink a little coffee, but slowly, it is not good. Do not need to give up on him, it is recommended to drink more quickly or use a straw, as it were blasphemous it may sound.

4. You're a lot of smoke

Chemicals in cigarettes and pipe tobacco destroy the enamel and reduce the production of saliva and harm the gums. So if you need another argument against smoking - that's it.

5. You forget about oral hygiene

In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day, it is useful to use dental floss or even toothpicks. And once a year to go to a specialist cleaning.

6. Do you brush your teeth too vigorously

Pressure and speed when brushing your teeth do not help them, and harm. This is especially true if the paste has strong abrasives (applies to most of the cheap low-quality pastes). Then you are, in fact, the hands are removed from the teeth enamel. So do not rush, as well as save money on cleaning agents.