Junk food: what foods we eat nothing

• Junk food: what foods we eat nothing

Counting calories is not the only thing that can be done to improve health and the transition to proper nutrition. There are many foods that contain a lot of calories but few nutrients, and their use should be avoided. Then consider anything do not have to!

1. Latte (especially with syrups)

Junk food: what foods we eat nothing

If you're used to buying it on the way to work, think, whether the game is worth the candle. Large latte with syrup contains up to 380 calories! If you give up is difficult, try to drink coffee without sugar and syrup, and it is better not lattes and American coffee or milk. Then you get all the antioxidants contained in the drink, and excess sugar and calories will not.

2. White bread

He does not look the container empty calories, but only at first glance. In one piece - about 100 calories, but few people confined to a single slice. And the nutrients in Baton quite a bit. It should be replaced with whole wheat or multizlakovy can on rye bread. In its production saved the maximum benefit: iron, zinc, magnesium, B vitamins

3. Juice concentrates

About 100 calories per serving. In the production of concentrated juices are lost vitamins and minerals, and in the final stage can also add a synthetic analogue of vitamin C. The juice is better to drink or eat fresh fruit.

4. Fast Food

In one small pizza contains 1,000 calories, burger and chips - 600-700. On most food courts you will find healthy alternatives such as soups, salads and meat products with a high content of vitamins and minerals.

5. Alcohol

It is not something that is worth to eat constantly. Good for the body is practically no, and alcohol leaches vitamins of group B.

6. Cream

Junk food: what foods we eat nothing

In one portion can be up to 400 calories! And a lot of sugar, which the body is very loving and will demand more and more!

7. Soda

In one bank - up to 150 calories and almost nothing useful. A dietary options are considered to be harmful and more: artificial sweeteners increase the risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease.

8. Buns

Ah, how beautiful they look on a plate! Croissant - up to 300 calories, a snail with raisins - 350, bun with chocolate - 380.

9. Cereal bars

Mistakenly considered a healthy snack. Most of them have a lot of sugar (sometimes more than chocolate). It is better to replace them with fruit, nuts and dried fruit.