Signs of a valuable employee

At what points to look for when you receive a new employee to work? Experience, education, additional courses? Or, perhaps, it is necessary to give preference to other values?

What about the personal qualities? Equally whether they are important when talking to an engineer, say, or a doctor? Of course, paramount skills and other specialized skills of the future employee, but also do not forget about personal qualities.

Most companies underestimate the social competence of its employees and their impact on the climate of the organization. They believe that in business it is important only to the professional component. Meanwhile, when the company is faced with a change, or is maturing any conflict, it is the employees with advanced communication skills come to the rescue.

So, here's a perfect example of 8 employees, which you want to see exactly in your company:

1. Active listeners

Signs of a valuable employee

Effective communication - it is not just the ability to maintain a conversation; it is also the ability to listen and delve into what is happening on the other side. Staff-oriented people will listen carefully to the interlocutor and ask clarifying questions ( "As I understand it, you're saying that ..."). This is necessary in order to better understand the feelings or point of view of another person ( "Tell me, how do you feel about ...").

2. People with high emotional intelligence

Signs of a valuable employee

As soon as you start thinking about the development and promotion of your business, you need employees with a high level of EI. In the books of Daniel Goleman, an American expert in the field of emotional intelligence, a very detailed account of the importance and necessity of development of emotional sphere.

3. Patient employees

Signs of a valuable employee

The people with a high degree of patience to have the ability to analyze the situation and assess it without judging the person with whom they disagree. This business quality occurs very rarely. Such people are more rationally and coolly approach to solving any problems. And this, in turn, appreciate the heads.

4. The non-conflict employees

Signs of a valuable employee

Emotional Intelligence, which was mentioned earlier, helps employees focus on the facts, omitting unnecessary details. These people are able to "defuse" the situation and calmly explain what results worth pursuing. Thus, non-contentious recruiting employees, executives will be able to manage the affairs of more constructively and productively.

5. People who can control their emotions

Signs of a valuable employee

Self-control in one way or another is inherent to any of us. However, there is always his own emotions and behavior management leads to positive results? Alas, it is the strength not to everyone. Daniel Goleman says about such employees as the essential people, on which depends the good climate and the productivity of the company.

6. People-odnozadachniki

Signs of a valuable employee

employee productivity is not enough for the solution of several problems simultaneously. Numerous studies show that in a multi-tasking our brain works worse. In other words, you simply dissipating his attention, and do not pay the principal time, reducing the quality of work and increasing the distance between itself and the intended purpose.

7. People who are able to rest during working hours

Signs of a valuable employee

The best companies - those that build a loyal guide allows working hours so as not to suffer from other aspects of life. One of the best examples can be considered as short breaks during the working day. According to Western research periodic five-minute walk in working time (e.g., Outdoors) increase the level of energy and improve operability. And these little "break" to the concentration and enhance creativity.

8. Self-organized people

Signs of a valuable employee

Such employees easier to cope with the tasks and have a higher capacity. That's what makes valuable employees to achieve the optimal level of self-organization:

- As noted earlier, they are not taken for the execution of several tasks at once.

- They just begin and end their working day, avoiding unnecessary overtime.

- They set their own limits and know how at the right time to tell people a firm "no."

- They focus on the most productive time and try to perform the most important tasks during this period.

- They do not spend their time wasting on useless meetings, telephone conversations and empty aimless walk around the office.

What kind of qualities do you value most in your employees?