5 Steps to quit smoking

• 5 steps to quit smoking

Do you want to overcome the dependence on cigarettes - but every time you do not find the right moment? So, consider that now it has arrived! New Year - the best time to start a new life without nicotine. Find out how in 5 steps goodbye to addiction.

5 Steps to quit smoking

Set deadline

Assign a specific date when you refuse from smoking cigarettes and throw together with lighters. And - hang in a prominent place (eg, a mirror) reminder: "With this number, I do not smoke. I want the years to stay healthy and beautiful. "

Lie Association

Avoid conditions that contributed to the development of your addiction to tobacco. In other words, stop to visit the places where you used to smoke, do not drink coffee or if it has always been associated with a cigarette. Try to hold out for so three months - and it will cease to be painful triggers for you.

Buy patch and gum

You can quite independently undergo nicotine-replacement therapy. That is, use non-prescription drugs - sprays, patches and gum - combining them. Took out the gum or the patch, when you feel a very strong desire to smoke. Or applied-nicotine spray, giving yourself installation: "I do not smoke, but if I ever want, I will do 1-2 injection spray."

Use your smartphone

Download one of the many applications that will capture your successes and train your willpower. Believe me, the promotion of positive inspiration to achieve new goals! Plus, it can be fun: in some applications it is possible to compete with other users or friends.

address to the professional

For example, a psychologist. Often classes with specialist give unexpectedly impressive results! So, pay attention to behavioral therapy, through which you can find reasons that cause you to reach for the cigarettes. So, you have a chance to finally eliminate them.