The three basic rules of survival in case of fire

• The three basic rules of survival in case of fire

The three basic rules of survival in case of fire

Getting into an emergency situation, people are panicking, losing precious minutes that can save lives. And it is important to overcome fear, to take a breath and exhale all costs to seek a way out of the situation. Many once irritated lessons on life safety, which taught not only to wear masks, but also to behave in dangerous situations. Understanding the importance of these lessons comes only with time, but in the modern schools such studies seriously, alas, no longer apply.

Counseling Center for Child Safety "Stop threat" after the fire in Kemerovo published record that it is important to read all the parents. These tips can save lives.

The head of counseling center for child safety "Stop Threat" Leah Sharov after a fire in Kemerovo told, what it is necessary to teach every child.

"Fire in Kemerovo. Condole relatives and friends. And it can happen to anyone. "

What to do?

The three basic rules of survival in case of fire

1. Described scarf

So we usually tell the laughter of children first rule out of the burning or smoky environment. Because it's true: the water with a we wear infrequently, children - almost never. A die is smoke. Because we take any clothing, scarf, t-shirt, shirt, blouse, her skirt. Write. And breathe through the fabric described. Urine is much better filters and smoke and poisonous substances than water.

Children laugh, but all agree that in a dangerous situation, do not be ashamed. But the mood of "not ashamed" can only be created in a dialogue and better - between the children. Each class or group will always be those who will say clearly: "What's so funny? If it will save lives. "

The three basic rules of survival in case of fire

2. Encourage children to play "Find Out"

Yes, and myself too. We never think about how to leave the premises in case of fire. Never. And this can be done fast and fun habit. And by teaching a child, you yourself will become pay attention to it. Because within 2-3 weeks, coming into any room, fun and instantly see where we ran into a fire. You can check with the staff.

The three basic rules of survival in case of fire

3. Exit the panicked crowd

Here are three rules:

- We go only in the direction of movement, without stopping, even if the family left behind. You will meet after the exit to the outside.

- Gently bend around corners, poles, any counter obstacles. To do this, a distance looking forward to. Come on, arms crossed on his chest, holding your elbows slightly forward and holding his hands over his shoulders. So, if you are in surrender, you will be able to breathe freely.

- If dropped: no "Group"! You have three seconds to get up at any cost. To do this, grabs a stranglehold in the next leg, jeans, coats, such as monkeys, climb up the man. Remember that the human tree will not we glad. And maybe even knock on the head. But you have time to get up. Practice at home.

And may you never need this information!