4 rules for budget savings

• 4 rules for budget savings

At the end of each year, we give a lot of promises, including not spending money unnecessarily. With these recommendations, you are sure to be able to carry out his wish!

4 rules for budget savings

1. Most pay card

Most banks have a bonus program or keshbek to get more benefit from the money spent. If you use a credit card, do not forget to make payments in the period of grace, not to give money to spare.

2. Follow the rule of "50, 30, 20"

By and large, saving money boils down to proper planning. Experts recommend to give half to the mandatory payments (utilities, food, transportation), 30% - on the desire (movies, restaurants) and 20% delayed. Some costs can not be reduced, but at the cab, for example, can travel less often.

3. Compare Prices

Insurance on a car or need to buy a vacuum cleaner for the first link in a search engine. Surely there are more attractive options!

4. Do accumulation

Part of the money can be immediately set aside in a bank account with interest or to invest in a promising venture. Then there will be the desire to spend more than it is.