Truth and myths about the benefits of multivitamins

• Truth and myths about the benefits of multivitamins

Drink multivitamins now fashionable. Surely you have a jar at home, too, with all sorts of other useful additives. But are they really necessary? Here is the opinion of two doctors, to help make the right decision.

Truth and myths about the benefits of multivitamins


"I take a multivitamin every day, and recommend to their patients. It is true that short-term studies show no benefit of vitamins for the already healthy. But the 20-year statistics collected in the United States, points to the benefits of taking vitamins in the fight against cardiovascular disease and cancer.

In one study, participants on 43% less likely to receive a heart attack or a heart attack than those who did not use vitamins. In another - cancer diseases were 18% less likely, but there is taken into account, and activity level, diet, bad habits.

It makes sense to start taking vitamins Now, years later to gain an advantage for health. However, taking a multivitamin is not an excuse to eat just anything! It is important to choose and own a tablet, for example, folate is best absorbed in the form of methylfolate, iron - chelated. Another important point: half the dose of vitamins should be taken in the morning, half of - in the evening, so that they are better absorbed, and not out of the body too quickly. "

The arguments against the

"If you are healthy person without significant dietary restrictions, you do not need multivitamins. Tablet with 20 vitamins and minerals will not replace a set of useful substances in the products. And many tablets drink only to care less about their diets.

Vitamins are not dangerous to health: safe dose of trace elements contained in them. But the benefit is questionable. Healthy people do not receive additional benefits from taking a multivitamin, if you do not take them for decades.

Much more you will get from a healthy diet: vegetables, fruits, cereals, good meat, fish, dairy products, nuts. But if the power is meager, have severe limitations, or you are taking serious drugs, vitamins might still come in handy. "


Despite the seemingly diametrically opposed opinions of experts, it is clear that from the quality of food will be more benefit than from synthetic vitamins. A diet based on healthy foods will help to maintain health. Besides delicious food more fun than the sweetest pills!