Effect on blood disease proclivity

• Influence of blood group on the propensity to diseases

What is your blood group? Many people do not think about it until they decide to have children or to become a donor. And this is important, because you can not pour any person any blood. In addition, it turns out, the group can "tell" about the predisposition to certain diseases, and such knowledge is over does not happen!

Effect on blood disease proclivity

1. Blood clots

Minimal risk of blood clots - the holders of the first group in the second and third it is 30% higher in the fourth - 20%.

2. Stomach Cancer

Here again, lucky for those who have the first group. But in the second risk is much higher, but the reasons for this are not yet known.

3. Ulcers

In this regard, lucky owners of the second and third groups, and those who have one, may be more likely to suffer from stomach ulcers. Experts suggest that the whole thing in a different immune response to infection.

4. Heart failure

The highest risk - the third and fourth groups, while the first and second - quarter less. Why is it so - no one knows.

5. Pancreatic cancer

Again, the owners of the first group are least likely to get sick, but in the second risk is higher by 32%, in the fourth - on 51%, and a third - 72%. These statistics relate to genetic factors, as well as the influence of blood antibodies to inflammation in the body.

Of course, change blood type is impossible. But it is possible to lead a healthier lifestyle and reduce your risk of many diseases that are associated with a poor diet, smoking, alcohol abuse and lack of physical activity.