Facts about the usefulness of the seven deadly sins

• Facts about the usefulness of the seven deadly sins

Facts about the usefulness of the seven deadly sins

1. Fornication

Fornication, makes us smarter, kinder and helps build love. Studies show that people who have sex on their minds, better solve the problem of analytical thinking. Lust causes us to focus on the present and on the details to meet the current target, namely sex. Fornication as well perform its function, which causes us to behave in such a way that the best way to cater to potential partners. Also, studies show that "lustful" members often demonstrate the scope of love and how to maintain a relationship, such as constructive conflict resolution, to increase the chances to have sex in the future.

2. Gluttony

Studies have shown that people who ate a piece of cake, usually donate to charity.

3. Greed

Money can buy happiness, if you spend it correctly. Studies have shown that people are happier when spending money in order to experience some experience rather than material values.

4. Despondency (laziness)

The extreme state of laziness - sleep improves memory and makes you more perceptive. Also, studies show that people are more likely to slow to offer their help.

5. Anger

Anger triggers the way of thinking that makes people maintain beliefs that are contrary to their own. In addition, brokers often angry achieve what they want in negotiations.

6. Envy

Comparing yourself with others, leads to better ideas about themselves and the best creative abilities. For example, students who compared themselves to more successful students, received the best evaluation.

7. Pride

Proud people can longer perform difficult tasks and often take a leadership role.

Scientists explain that when we consider dry data, the seven deadly sins can serve us well, despite the fact that for centuries claimed that sin - this is bad.