The history of the famous balm "Gold Star"

• The history of the famous balm "Golden Star"

Someone can not stand it, someone - a panacea for all ills, while others simply can not open it. But they know all about it, at least those who come from the USSR. We are the famous balm "Golden Star".

The history of the famous balm

The people called her "Star". She was the companion of warm milk with honey and butter, mustard plasters, tins and trays for feet. She rubbed the nose and temples, and then began to flow from my eyes the tears, they had to close, and hence to sleep. A wake up without the runny nose and temperature. She breathed through a funnel - a means of brutal, but get rid of the cough rather quickly. Once the patient recovered, the apartment has aired for two days.

"Golden Star" - a friendly native of Vietnam, "the country's happiest workers." They say that behind the politically correct design - a bottle of red, topped with five-pointed star - in 1970 and launched it on the Soviet market. And the cheapest, of course. The design has not changed for 50 years, and gives rise to joke that a great future will come only when he finally changed. Members include jars in the rankings Difficulty opening, where "Star", of course, leads to the end by a wide margin. But particularly with humor recommend youth balm as a cream for eyelids. So be careful. Especially on 1 April.

The history of the famous balm

Unique, unforgettable smell and tactile sensations makeup experts have come up with the Vietnamese pharmaceutical company Danapha Pharmaceutical JSC. The original ointment called Cao Sao vàng, which literally translates as "high gold star". If we believe the instructions, the drug should save almost for all ills, from insect bites, headache, toothache and cold to sciatica, skin diseases, dry corns, treatment of injuries, swelling, and even motion sickness.

With such flexibility in packaging indicates only a part of the ingredients, the description of the rest was reduced to manufacturer mysterious phrase "other excipients". As a result, rumors have guessed all by herself: balm recipe - a state secret. In fact, there is no mystery. The ointment is composed entirely of natural materials and, in fact, is the fruit of Vietnamese traditional medicine (recognized by the way, not only to herbalists, but also pharmacists). It most of menthol and camphor. In addition, it is composed of peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon oil, petrolatum, beeswax, lanolin and paraffin.

The history of the famous balm

There is, however, believed that the effect of the drug is similar to the placebo effect, that is, helps not for everyone and not all. Maybe we just have not learned how to use the ointment. In his native Vietnam it is used for acupuncture and smear is not everything, but only certain points of the body. In our case, the widespread use of "Sprockets" as a panacea for all ills - a tribute Soviet fashion. The most interesting is that there are other brand products: cough syrup, liquid balm, drops, nasal spray, cooling cosmetic patch and pencil inhalation of a cold (although registered in Russia only liquid and solid balm, as well as a pencil). All of the same name - "Golden Star", they do not differ in composition. Nevertheless, for some reason it caught on a small jar, which is very difficult to open in our country.