Wonders, spoiled tourists

• Wonders, spoiled tourists

Historically, for the majority of the world's population everything around - nothing more than a playground. Particularly unlucky historical monuments, which attract crowds of people. Tear at a piece of memory, to crush, to sign a stupid name: modern barbarians fantasy knows no bounds.

Wonders, spoiled tourists

Statue Sebastian I


A monument to the Portuguese king Sebastian I was raised in 1890. The statue is located near the Rossio railway station, it was one of the main attractions of the city, while a drunk tourist has not decided to make a selfie with him - he climbed up on a pedestal and fell with him.

Wonders, spoiled tourists

Statue of Hercules


Hercules Statue of couples with the arms in the hands of Cremona was the pride of the whole city. No wonder, because according to legend, founded Cremona himself Hercules! Unfortunately, for tourists it does not mean anything. Couple of men climbed straight to the figures - over all the rubble.

Wonders, spoiled tourists

Isla de sa Porrassa

Last year, a pair of carefree teenagers managed to not just destroy any monument, and the whole island. Balearic Islands Spain - a real Mediterranean beauty on steroids and related to her need to care. However, teenagers, and even Scottish, hardly ever understand the meaning of "care." Calum and Robbie, fifteen-year blockheads, reached the island of Ca de Porras on a catamaran and decided to smoke - and this in spite of the anomalous heat and thickets of dry grass around. As a result, he burned the entire island.