As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

About the way of life of Russian poet Sergei Yesenin never stopped talking and writing throughout his life. He liked to drink, could make a brawl out of the blue. But he was forgiven much for his unique talent and love for his native land. He had never suffered from a lack of female attention. Yesenin was officially married three times, three more women can be called its civilian wives. By the time of his death at the age of 30 the poet had become the father of four children.

As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

Yuri Yesenin

As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

Yuri Yesenin with his mother, Anna Izryadnova. / Photo:

The eldest son of the poet was born in 1914 in the actual status of Sergei Yesenin and Anna Izryadnova. Yesenin at the time was only 19 years old, but his father, according to the recollections of his young wife, became remarkable. When his wife returned home from the hospital, she found in the house perfect order. Yesenin was surprised his father's status as a young, singing lullabies to his son, cradling the baby. However, it took all of this very long. A month later the poet lived separately, occasionally visiting former lover and her son.

However, Yuri's father simply adored. He knew all of his poems, he could recite them from anywhere. With years of school, and he was engaged in writing, but was embarrassed to show anyone his poems.

As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

Yuri Yesenin. / Photo:

He was arrested in 1936 after being denounced by someone from the company's general while serving in the army. The investigator was able to convince the young man to incriminate himself, promising in exchange for a small period of time and comfortable serving sentence for the son of the famous poet. He was shot in 1937, and his mother until her death in 1976, waiting for the return of her son, as she was told about 10 years in prison for him incommunicado. Subsequently, the youngest son of the poet has achieved the complete rehabilitation of the older in 1956.

Tatiana Esenina

As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

Zinaida Reich with his daughter Tatiana Esenina. / Photo:

She was born in 1918, married the poet Zinaida Reich. The marriage lasted four years, and all this time the wife parted, were reconciled, while in October 1921 it was finally and officially terminated.

As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

Tatiana Esenina, 1938. / Photo:

Zinaida Reich, a year later married the eminent director Vsevolod Meyerhold, who adopted the children of his wife. about their children Yesenin did not forget to come visit them. Tatiana, he was a proud, telling pals how sweetly she stamps her foot and notifies all that she - Esenina.

As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

Tatiana Esenina. / Photo:

By the time the mother of murder and shooting his stepfather Tatiana was already married and has a son, supported the younger brother of the student and his wife, whose father was also arrested. During the war, Tatiana and her husband and son were evacuated to Uzbekistan, and then remained there.

Esenina Tatiana became a journalist, worked in the newspaper "Pravda Vostoka", engaged in scientific editing to publishing. Later he initiated the process of rehabilitation of his famous stepfather, wrote books and memoirs about his parents and stepfather. She died in 1992.

Konstantin Yesenin

As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

Zinaida Reich with children, Tanya and Bones. / Photo:

Constantine Esenina Zinaida Reich gave birth in 1920, in fact, already parted with her husband. Poet at first thought his son was not fueled his doubts numerous rumors, and apparently the boy was not like his father's blond. Kostya was black-haired and Sergey said that such Esenins not happen.

As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

Konstantin and Yuri Yesenin. / Photo:

After the death of his mother and stepfather, Constantine supported not only a sister but also his father's first wife, Anna Izryadnova that Kostya is often called a man of pure soul.

Konstantin Yesenin fought on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, was wounded three times, he was awarded orders and medals. Was able to finish building institute after the war, and then he rose from a foreman to chief specialist of the State Construction Committee of the RSFSR, the referent worked in the Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR.

As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

Konstantin Yesenin. / Photo:

Passion for soccer that accompanied all his life Constantine Esenina, later became his second profession. He gathered a huge amount of statistical material about football and football teams, he has published several books on the football theme. And at the same time always remembered about his father, doing everything to his name has not been forgotten.

He died in Moscow in April 1986.

Alexander Yesenin-Volpin

As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

Nadezhda Volpin, poet and son Alexander. / Photo:

Yesenin died when his youngest son is under more than two years. And the poet saw it only twice. Nadezhda Volpin, the mother of the child was seriously hurt on Yesenin, who was trying to persuade her to give up the idea of ​​making him a father for the fourth time.

As the fate of Sergei Yesenin's children

Alexander Yesenin-Volpin. / Photo:

Alexander Yesenin-Volpin grew up, became a famous mathematician and dissident. Several times was serving a sentence in prison and exile, repeatedly placed for compulsory treatment under a fabricated psychiatric diagnosis. After emigrating from the Soviet Union in the United States, where he worked in the University at Buffalo and Boston, was engaged in scientific developments, he proved a theorem named after him. All his life he wrote poetry, published his works on logic and law.

He died in 2016 in America.