The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

Thunborg Peter (Peter Thunborg)

The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

They are like a giant buzzing bumblebees, but looks can be deceiving. These ten helicopters - the fastest in the world. Speed ​​- one of the most important characteristics in the battle, and also to move troops and rescue operations. The fastest helicopter may move at a speed of 500 km / h.

10.-26 Ni (Halo NATO codification)

The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

Maximum speed - 295 km / h.

This Russian transport helicopter - unique in its kind monster, it is larger than all the analogues in the world. Mi-26 has two motors, each power of 11 to 400 l. from. The length of the body of the helicopter - 40 m, diameter of the screw -. Ni-26 32 m can easily pick up a passenger aircraft.

This helicopter model is used for 40 years, since 1977. In 1986, the Mi-26 were used in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident.

9. "Night Hunter" Mi-28N

The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

Maximum speed - 300 km / h

The Soviet Union has developed a number of successful models of helicopters. After the collapse of the USSR plants and helicopters moved to Russia. Part of helicopters and planes were in the former Soviet republics, who had previously participated in the formation of the combined air forces. Mi-28N made their debut in 1988, ie one year before the end of the Soviet war in Afghanistan and in the three years before the Soviet Union collapsed. This modern attack helicopter specializes in destroying tanks and armored vehicles, as well as not too fast aerial targets.

8. AgustaWestland AW139

The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

Maximum speed - 310 km / h.

This helicopter model exists in the military and civilian options and applied including the rescue operations at sea. Military helicopter can carry up to ten soldiers in full armor or fifteen passengers. Helicopter collected in different parts of the world, including in the US Philadelphia and in Russia, where it was engaged in holding "Rostvertol". Today the company operates in the UK and Italy. The telecast Uppdrag granskning reported that the Swedish Office Affairs shipping bought from Italian manufacturer AgustaWestland seven rescue helicopters of this model, however, as it turned out, the deal was rigged in advance.

7. AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin (EH101 until 2007)

The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

Maximum speed - 309 km / h

One of the fastest military transport helicopter in the world. It equipped with three motors Rolls-Royce / Turbomeca RTM322, which provides high speed and large capacity. The power of each of the motors - 2 270 liter. from. The maximum height to which the helicopter rises, - 4575 m.

AW101 Merlin can be applied at temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees. His work does not interfere with any ice or, for example, the sand in the desert.

Such helicopters are available in a number of countries armed, including Britain, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Portugal.

6. The Mi-35M

The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

Maximum speed - 300 km / h

These helicopters first used in combat in the Ogaden War between Ethiopia and Somalia in the 1970s, in which the Soviet Union supported Ethiopia. Helicopter accommodates eight parachutists with all the equipment. But today's Mi-35M little resemblance to their predecessors. The model is constantly evolving and is now equipped with the most modern means of Aeronautics and navigation.

Besides Russia, the helicopters are in Brazil, Venezuela and Azerbaijan.

5. Boeing CH-47Chinook

The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

Maximum speed - 285 km / h

Old reliable transport helicopter, has not yet been decommissioned. This model produced since 1962. Military History connoisseurs know that the CH-47Chinook used during the Vietnam War, and later modernized versions were in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Falklands War. In a modification of CH-47D is enough space for 33 soldiers and three members of the crew, in the CH-47F installed 55 passenger seats. There are several variants of this twin-engine helicopter, the fastest speed reached 315 km / h.

4. NH90

The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

Maximum speed - 291 km / h

NH90 - the fruit of cooperation between the four countries of NATO, a twin-engine military helicopter in two versions - TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter for the transport of troops tactical) and the NFH (ship NATO Frigate Helicopter).

NH90 is suitable for operation in the most demanding conditions - day and night, over land and over water. Well proven in naval operations. Helicopter impressive cruising speed of 300 km / h, making it one of the fastest in the world. If necessary, the helicopter is equipped with a machine gun door.

The Swedish Defense Forces NH90 passes under the designation Hkp14. In the complete set it is the basis for operational helicopter operations on land and at sea.

3. The Ka-52 "Alligator"

The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

Maximum speed - 300 km / h (350 km / h maximum speed allowed)

Another Russian KA-52 is called the intelligence and combat helicopter of the new generation. It can destroy tanks, armored and unarmored ground targets to bombard enemy troops, to engage in regular patrols and escort military convoys.

2. AH-64D Apache

The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

Maximum speed - 293 km / h. (365 km / h maximum gain speed in a dive to kosntruktsii fracture)

Back in 1972, the US Army has made a request to create a special modern attack helicopter. After several changes of the manufacturer and the creation of some modifications appeared AH-64D Apache, which was first used in combat in 1989 during the US invasion of Panama. Later the helicopters participated in various operations in the Middle East, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Especially good they have shown themselves during the Gulf War, destroying hundreds of armored vehicles. There are several versions of the helicopter, and they bought many countries, despite the high cost. In accordance with the current exchange rates for one such helicopter has to pay about half a billion crowns.

1. Eurocopter X3

The fastest helicopter in the world (Expressen, Sweden)

Maximum speed - 410 km / h. (472 km / h uniqueness test flight)

June 7, 2013 Eurocopter X3 has set an unofficial record for helicopters, has a top speed up to an incredible 472 km / h. The power of each of the two turboshaft engines Rolls-Royce / Turbomeca, installed on Eurocopter X3, - 2 270 liter. from.

During the tests, the helicopter was dispersed at 1,700 meters per minute.

Eurocopter X3 has not yet produced in large quantities. The question is whether the demand for mass production of this extremely expensive project. In any case, the work continues on it. And everyone admire the Eurocopter X3 can do it in the Paris Air and Space Museum, where it is exposed to June 2014.