Rules of life of Kyle MacLachlan

• Rules of Life Kyle MacLachlan

Rules of life of Kyle MacLachlan

The actor, 57, Los Angeles

I, of course, spoiled work with Lynch.

Agent Cooper, shown at the beginning of "Twin Peaks" with the recorder in your hand - it seems to me, a better understanding of the character, which I have seen in my entire career. You immediately understand all about the hero, and at the same time a lot of questions remain with you.

I grew up in Yakima - a small town in Washington State. There I was felling the forest, from which made the door to change houses. We cut down trees, they disperse in a sawmill, and then took away the board to another place and do the door. I worked there for three months and realized that this is clearly not what I should do. Very noisy.

Once I wanted to be an opera singer, and even studied classical singing at the University of Washington, but quickly I realized that I did not have the patience. The way an opera singer is much more difficult than the path of the actor.

Lynch pulled me out of obscurity. He gave me the main role in "Dune" and "Blue Velvet", while all around looked at me as usual Go-Bring a neighbor boy. I met David 34 years ago - and could not even imagine what it turn into such long-term relationship.

Working with Lynch, I have accumulated a heap. Basically, sketches and scribbles just that he did for me and I deftly he took away. We could sit for morning coffee, and he was drawing something, and then set aside a piece of paper aside, and I said, "David, but you can here put your initials?" With Lynch we are a lot alike. He loves carpentry, work with wood in general and likes to work with his hands. One day he showed me his own personal way to a fire in the fireplace without a newspaper for kindling. When my son grows up, I'm sure he'll show you how it's done.

Most of all I like to Lynch that he loves good coffee and is able to drink it slowly.

My standard breakfast - two cappuccinos, and perhaps the English muffins. Actually, that's all. Sometimes, though, my voracity increases, and then I make an omelet.

To prepare a brilliant sandwich instead of mediocre, it is necessary to spend more time. But I'm willing to invest your time in a nice meal.

What I like most complex and multi-layered combination of flavors and textures. Take a perfect sandwich. First, the bread should be well-kilned. Second, you need to take a fresh Emmental cheese. Third, you need a reasonable mix of sweet and savory - such as cranberries, figs, and several varieties of meat: Black Forest ham and roast beef.

I like to eat, cook and go shopping. Thank God, it's all very close classes.

I was engaged in winemaking in 2005, and the first year we've done as many as 12 barrels of wine. Why I became a winemaker? Just I loved the wine and found no other way to learn it.

I can well imagine how my name becomes a brand. But if I put it on a wine label, all would decide that it was not the wine, and whiskey. I've been I want to go to South America - were doing a fine wine, and I really really want to try their grapes. But New Zealand is also good. After all, in addition to grapes there are beautiful golf courses, and I love golf.

In Los Angeles, my home grown avocado, but the birds and raccoons ever get to the fruit before I had time. Still I grew figs, which - although it is pointless to remind - damn good with prosciutto (Italian ham grade -. Esquire). And I had limes and lemons, but because of them I was just doing the lemonade.

I love gardening, so my basic wardrobe consists of working shoes, work pants and T-shirts. However, sometimes I go out into the light, and in this case I also have something in store.

Coming to New York from Los Angeles, I always admire the fact that here, at last, you can wear winter clothes, which for years was lying in your closet, lined with moth balls.

I am very diligent packer things. Before the trip, I advance all collect and stack, because I hate to take extra stuff. And people always take extra stuff if going in a hurry.

I have long replaced the morning exercises on meditation.

I, in general, believe in fate. Sometimes it appears as a bearded old man sitting on a cloud and pull the rope; sometimes fate - a collision of random atoms, rushing through the gloomy universe, and sometimes your fate is sealed because of your karma and the previous life. I do not think my life has changed in 70 years. Unless I start to sleep in the middle of the day. But at 85 I was probably a little calm down. But still I will fight, kicking and screaming all the way.

You know how the people with age? At first, he sees something funny and laughed, and then he sees something funny and thinks: "Perhaps this is ridiculous."

I rarely laugh out loud if it is certainly not Harvey Korman and Tim Conway (American comedians performing together in various television shows in the 1970s -. Esquire). They make me laugh really. I still laugh when my brothers and I were sitting at dinner, and remember that our father got up, when we were ten years old. And I laugh when I see "Monty Python".

When you become a father, you suddenly discover a love and patience, which never knew. This opens the door to you, the presence of which you would not even know. At least, when my son was born, I felt completely different level of love.

I still remember a jacket, which my father brought home from the army. I grew up in this jacket.

I have a very difficult relationship with his own chin, and the older I get, the more difficult for me. Sometimes it comes to that, I just can not control the situation.

I do not often play the villain. But in the movie "Go with the flow" (crime drama in 1992 -. Esquire) I played not the best in the land trafficker. I do not know whether there are drug dealers any good, but I'm in this movie was not exactly good. At that time, until the film is removed, you are treated like a favorite animal. But once the film is over, you gutted and hung out to dry. This is very similar to the fate of the mink.

The attractiveness of the series - indeed, to me it said hundreds of actors - the ability to follow the development of the character really long time.

When I learned that the "Twin Peaks" can finally appear continued, I felt like a teenager, who said that exactly two weeks he would go to Disneyland.

I always liked the "Raiders of the Lost Ark." I still want to play Indiana Jones.

"Alien" I always liked a lot more than "Star Wars." These are the films of one era, but look at the ship in "Alien." He looks like he was dragged through the cosmos, God knows how many. It was all battered and dirty - not that sparkling ships in "Star Wars."

I still want to see their first UFO.

My wine is called "Pursued by a bear" (eng. Pursued by Bear). Why? What's the difference?

Hollywood - the worst place on earth to grow old.

I want to go back to Twin Peaks, for sure.