Intrigue "promotional flights": do not rush to take the cheap

• Intrigue "promotional flights": do not rush to take the cheap

The crisis that began in 2014, slowly but surely got to everyone, including to passengers who prefer air travel to other types of movement. Under these conditions, we often have to save and look increasingly falls on the various actions of the airlines. One of the most pressing at the moment - a "Promo" fares on flights. The price of tickets at this rate is indeed lower, but do not forget about the reverse side of the coin in a variety of restrictions.

Consider the popular domestic airlines offer and look at them the pitfalls. For comparison, take the "Promo" rates of the oldest and most popular in our carrier "Aeroflot", the second on the ratings of "S7 Airlines" and "Ural Airlines". Next most unpleasant restrictions will be presented.



One of the saddest moments - is the lack of free baggage allowance. If you want to take anything weightier small backpack, you will have to pay an average of 2,000 rubles per one place. This restriction does not apply only to passengers of "Aeroflot", however, and tickets will cost considerably more expensive than other carriers. For free transportation only allowed hand luggage weighing no more than 10 kilograms, but in the interior you can take is not all that you may need to travel.



In most cases, these tariffs completely sunk and, if the ticket is purchased, then, regardless of the situation, it has not come back. Very rarely come across an opportunity to return for a certain period prior to the flight. Usually it is at least two days, but if it is possible to return the ticket back then you did not get more than half of the initial value.



Is it not better the situation is and with revisions in the ticket. If you want to change the departure date, flight number or route, you will have to pay an average of 3,000 to 5,000 rubles for each part of the route. Often these rates changes do not impossible.



Another unpleasant detail lies in the distribution of seats. Holders of "Promo" tickets will go to the front rows, because, unlike other tariffs, give place to the end of the interior, rather than the beginning. The tail is the toilet, so I have to put up with passengers to wait in the aisle for their turn. Meals are usually handed out to the front rows, and the end may have no choice in the dishes, and the last row of seats often recline.



Frequent flyer bonus cards airlines have to be unpleasant to find out that the number of bonus points is much smaller at this rate. For example, "Ural Airlines" and "S7 Airlines" give half the bonuses compared with the usual "save".



Summarizing, we can say that is not always cheap ticket justified. However, if you are ready to fly without luggage, just sure of the date of the flight and are not fundamental in choosing a location, you can thus save a lot on air travel.