15 facts about parasites, which everyone should know a grown man!

15 facts about parasites, which everyone should know a grown man!

The parasites simultaneously frighten and fascinate people. There is nothing more disgusting than the thought of worm that lives in your stomach, but are willing to voluntarily swallow the parasite to lose weight or "cleansed of toxins."

We publish the article by Dr. Lobanov, which dispels all the myths and tells the most important facts about parasites.

We want to warn in advance - the best recommendation gives the doctor in person inspection and a series of special studies.

The effects of alcohol on the parasite?

Alcohol does not act on the pests. Absolutely. If you throw a worm in a glass with alcohol, then of course he will die. In the morning. Hangover. If you do not find the same experimenter, you with a glass of beer.

My colleague cites the case when five hunters shot the boar, in his joy immediately began to carve it and fry kebabs. Washed down with barbecue nemeryanym amount of vodka. Guys healthy, maintain that every drink at least a liter.

All five were in the intensive care unit with severe trichinosis. Two did not hope to save, but apparently God loves fools.

In this case, after discharge, they argued with the doctor-parasitology, they supposedly experienced, Trichinella naked eye can see! And the vodka kills all.

People do not learn anything.

folk remedy for parasites (pumpkin seeds, garlic, pepper, tansy, tarragon, onion tea)?

No and no again. All these herbs parasites, of course, do not like. They will try to avoid an unpleasant environment for them and rush to spread in different directions. The couple can choose the way out, and then the patient is proud to write to me in the comments, "You see, Lobanov, and you give me tryndel!" And the photo of the phone will use.

But the majority of the parasites will jerk in the opposite direction. They will bring in various departments of the small and large bowel, appendix, liver and gall bladder. Someone tries to dig deeper into the intestinal mucosa, causing bleeding. Admission folk remedies as a result of significantly complicate diagnosis and treatment of parasitic diseases, as worms will be in unusual places for them.

Essential medicines with parasites? Drug Prevention

Opinions were divided.

There are two approaches to prevention:

1) Acceptance of times a year or six months anthelmintic drugs (Vermoxum, Dekaris, Nemozol, a hundred of them). It is considered to be the safest albendazole, which is supposedly the west appoint even pregnant. This helps in ascariasis prevention, enterobioze, chain, ie in 80% of cases, infection with parasites.

2) Opponents of this method refer to the toxic effect of drugs on the human body and is recommended every six months to pass a three-fold examination in the laboratory (at intervals of three to four days) - to pass feces, smear, scraping on enterobiosis and not grass chemistry, because each drug even with single dose affects the liver.

Take your pick.


Trichinosis - check meat in veterinary laboratories. Trihinelleznoe meat destroyed in any case. There are cases when the hunters wishing meat, long-digested pieces and fed to the dogs. Dogs then had to finish, so as not suffered.

Opisthorchiasis - do not eat raw, dried, salted fish, home-made. Prolonged freezing - 40 degrees for 7 watches - kills opisthorchis. It is thus in the industry destroy parasites. The fish they are, but do not bring harm already. Only spoil the aesthetic appearance.

Ascariasis, cysticercosis, enterobiosis and most other parasites - Wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet, observe the rules of personal hygiene. Products, especially in the summer, hide from insects.

When enterobioze in DDU recommended better to hold the baby at home.

Analyzes in parasitic diseases?

Analysis of blood leukocyte formula - increased number of eosinophils - in most diagnostic character parasitic diseases;

Serological analysis immunoglobulins;

Three-time (with a break of three or four days) analysis of feces on eggs of worms, and segments;

Scraping with the anus at enterobiasis (pinworm when fecal not informative);

Ultrasound liver;

MRI of the brain.

Immunity and parasites

Immunity we certainly saves. He neutralizes the lion's share have fallen into our body of parasite eggs. But sometimes the immune system gives up and then the parasites will gladly take our body. The immune system is fighting on the egg stage. Adults overcome it no longer can.

Calcification (calcification) - guard the body. Setting of the parasite (Echinococcus or cysticerci) connective tissue, impregnating this shell calcium salts and creation mausoleum.

Allergy - immune system tries to fight and with adults. But for millions of years of existence of parasites have developed a bunch of defense mechanisms. They often cause the immune system to sense and then start an allergic reaction (in fact - giperimmunitet).

meat processing at trichinosis

Digestion meat thickness of 1 cm for 2-3 hours theoretically kills Trichinella. But again, the meat trihinelleznoe discarded. And it is better to burn, so that the homeless are not picked up.

Freeze at trichinosis practically does not work. I have a friend in the Veterinary Laboratory, as it is already half a year hurts a piece of pork with Trichinella. Freezes, then thaws, cut off a piece and places it in a favorable environment. So those bastards alive for six months.

Where bear meat?

The veterinary laboratory.

The main symptoms of parasitic diseases?

Many parasites. Their different species occupy different niches in our body. Therefore, the common symptoms for all there. For bowel - is often a fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rash, hives, and the severity of abdominal pain, fatigue

For trichinosis - disease onset, as in intestinal, then pain in joints and muscles, swelling of the face. The latter feature I would like to emphasize, as the hunting season is in full swing and many hunters bring home the meat of wild boar.

Opisthorchiasis - basically the same as in intestinal can add jaundice. The parasite effectively masked by cholecystitis and hepatitis.

Cysticercosis - depending on hit:

Brain - headaches, convulsions, seizures psevdoepilepticheskie

Eyes - blurred vision

Heart - irregular heartbeat

Dirofilariasis - the feeling that someone crawling under the skin.

Virtually any parasitic infestation in a blood test will be increased eosinophils cells.

Could antibiotics affect the parasites?

Antibiotics - it's a different group of drugs designed for the effect on microorganisms.

Here it is necessary to distinguish parasites - flat and round worms and parasites - protozoa. Antibiotics act on simple (e.g., on the same toskoplazmu) and designed for worms worming preparations

Why be afraid when you travel to exotic countries

When tourist trips to Africa and South-East Asia should follow a few simple rules:

I never have any food outside major restaurants and cafes (if you offer Thai scorpion skewers at the hotel - you chase it kicks);

Do not swim in fresh waters of untested (only swimming pools and the sea) in fast flowing mountain rivers - is still possible, but in lakes, puddles, ponds and marshes, especially in rice fields - better not;

Do not walk barefoot on green grass. In general, do not walk barefoot. Only in the sand on the beach;

Wash your hands. Constantly. Several times a day. Before eating and after using the toilet; Unverified not drink water;

A few weeks after his arrival better to go to the lab and get tested;

Relax in the homeland (just kidding).

Animal lovers

Remember, your cute cat or toy terrier, even if the stay at home, are a source of parasitic diseases. You came from the street - brought on clothing and footwear thousands of helminth eggs, spores of fungi, bacteria ... Your cute little dog rushed towards you, licked his shoes, pants. Ready, he is already infected. And then you climb to lick his nose.

If your cat or dog walking on the street - there can be no talk at all.

Every six months to carry out prevention veterinary drugs. And can be human, but there is a risk not to calculate the dose, because your pet weighs fifty kilos is not.

Slimming parasites

On the Internet, one can often read the advertising parasites that contribute to weight loss. Like, immediate effect without any damage.

Imagine you are infected creature that is not enough that eating half of your food, so more and shit right in your body. And yet she clings to the walls of your intestines and hooks or suckers. And yet it can bring to the liver and lymphatic system.

It is necessary to you? You will surely lose weight. But the damage to your body will be incommensurable. Provoked allergic reactions, food poisoning the parasite life activity, mechanical damage to the gastro-intestinal tract. Here is a partial list of issues that you can purchase.


Subject slippery. I honestly do not want to raise it.

Until recently lamblia was considered the normal microflora of the human and almost symbiotic. Only in recent years we have decided to resettle them all the same to the enemy. The main problem with giardia - the fact that they are everywhere. If the analysis shows their lack of it - then it's bad analysis. proudly states in the CIS, in our tap water, Giardia, no! But laboratories in Germany reveal giardia in bottled water and mineral water in their well-known sources. Whether the Germans are Dirt, whether we have something to negotiate.

Giardia - unlike worms described above - is the simplest organism. So, very small. Giardia cysts pass through the filters of urban water supply systems, they are constantly in the wells and columns, lakes and ponds.

Giardia exists in two forms. Mobile and cystitis. A person infected just cysts. Guilty of this dirty hands, household items. Infection occurs even if you washed the fruit is not too clean water or bathing swallowed the lake waters. The same sources may be brothers our smaller, dogs, cats, rodents. The water lamblia cysts fall sick with feces or carrier and survive in the water for five to six weeks.

Giardia act on the liver and small intestine. Infected pale skin, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, rash. In some regions of the CIS a significant percentage of adults and children infected with Giardia and they are chronic carriers. Incidentally, in Europe and the United States in some regions at least, so let not show off.

Therefore, if your child does not eat, frequent diarrhea, complains of pain in the abdomen, and the therapist consistently puts his diagnosis "gastritis", do not take the money and go testing for Giardia. Maybe the whole thing in these tiny parasites.

Treatment of complex, multi-step, using several drugs (metronidazole one of them), under constant medical supervision. The house itself does not cure giardiasis.

Can the parasite to live a long time in the human body and does not manifest itself?


Our body - a place of compact residence of millions of petitions and uninvited guests from the world of viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and animals. Among them are:

Symbionts (gut bacteria that help us digest food) - I must say that even the symbionts are not displaced in the body can be damaged. Such as enteric bacteria, once in the bloodstream cause sepsis.

Neutral - from quiet parasites that invisibly eat the pasta in your gut, to passers-by, who knows how it skidded and sat up (most of the inhabitants of the skin and mucous membrane of the mouth).

Directly parasites. These not only do live, so more and shitting.

It is necessary to distinguish between chronic and carrier.

The chronic form - it is a surrender of immunity. That is, the body allows the parasite to exist and to administer their dirty work in the open. In this case, a person is constantly feels the clinical manifestations of the disease (abdominal pain, intestinal problems, vomiting, fever and so on. D.).

Carriage - a kind of non-aggression pact. That is, the parasite lives, but clinically manifests itself not. Harm to the body, he does a little and makes its owner a danger to others.

The carrier status in most of the cases observed in parasitizing protozoa (Giardia are the same). Flat and round worms are still too large organisms to the body resigned to their existence.