Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

Korea - a country for all seasons, and here do not need a visa. About where to go, what to see and how to save money - in our material.

Here are five reasons to go to Korea. It does not need a visa. Here is the sea and you can swim. There are mountains, snow and these ski resorts. Here is a very beautiful nature and architecture. And most importantly - is sympathetic residents. To make it easier to integrate into the atmosphere of the south-east of the garden, we have prepared for you a few tips.

Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers


Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

If you intend to travel to South Korea by public transport (metro, airport express, buses and even taxis), a single card T-Money - irreplaceable thing: it can be purchased not only at the box office Metro, but even a small grocery store about 2,600 won ($ 2, 35). Each trip on such a card will cost 10% cheaper than a single ticket.

It should be borne in mind that the cost of travel in the metro is not fixed - it depends on the distance of travel. Card must be applied not only at the entrance, but also at the output of the system to determine what distance you have overcome and a stop or station out. If you decide to go "hare", the next time a new input from the card automatically write off the money and unpaid for the previous trip.

If you want to hand over the card, unused funds will be returned.

To avoid getting lost in the Seoul subway, use English or Russian-language applications with interactive maps from the App Store or Google Play, who will point you in the right direction and the shortest route.

What to See &

Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

A visit to most traditional tourist destinations (historical museums, palaces, gardens, parks) in South Korea are usually either free or costs very little. But such popular non-traditional places like Oceanarium in Seoul skyscraper SOEH, 3D-illusions Museum (going here, be sure to take your camera or camera phone!) And amusement parks can cost a pretty penny.

However, you can save: on the organization's official website (almost all of them have an English version) is a section of special offers, discounts or coupons (special offers, discounts and coupons). For example, 3D-illusions museum will give you free access to a birthday, and the Oceanarium offers save 3,000-5,000 won per ticket - Online detail spelled out the conditions of the action. The same - and in the park Everland amusement, competitive bids are announced more than a dozen. For example - the action for those who made it to South Korea by plane: you need to show your boarding pass and receive a discount of 20% to 30%. Another good option: buying a ticket in Everland, you get free admission to the Museum of Art "Hoam".

So before you visit a tourist attraction, be sure to visit the official website: discount coupons and best deals can be placed on it.

Mobile and Wi-Fi

Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

In order to save money on mobile communications and payments for the Internet in Korea at the airport you can buy or rent a SIM-card and Wi-Fi-router in case you will need the Internet outside of the hotel (to select and reserve them can even online). Simca five days will cost from 25,000 won ($ 22, 61). Also note that in Korea, another mobile communication standard (CDMA instead of our GSM), so if your phone does not support at least 3G, call unlikely to him. The problem is easy to solve: at the airport you can take the phone rental.

Banks and ATMs

Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

Money in South Korea can be removed either in the bank or an ATM. Banking hours - from 09:30 to 16:30 Monday to Friday and from 09:30 to 13:30 and on Saturday. Most ATMs in South Korea are working around the clock, but there are also those who work up to 23: 30-24: 00. If you decide to use such an ATM at night, you can take a large commission. Clarify the operation of the ATM can call on help phone the tourist center of South Korea - 1330.

In this country, exactly ATMs accept cards MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, Citibank, Cirrus. At each ATM has a Foreign Card ( "foreign card") button: If you do not use the card Korean bank, click on it. The minimum at a time can be removed 10,000 won (just over $ 9), the maximum amount varies: for example, in Korea Exchange Bank it is 700,000 won per time.

Features of the national gastronomy

Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

In most Korean restaurants - from small schools to places of haute cuisine - decided to bring to order a variety of snacks, panchhanov: Kim seaweed, pickled vegetables namul, Korean cabbage kimchi, some even bring a bowl of noodle soup. Therefore, if you ordered only one dish on the table in front of you will be at least five or six plates of food. In addition, visitors are usually impressed by portions of main course, because it, like banchan traditionally are eaten together (but the soups and rice - have individually). So expect their forces advance. Even a couple of tips: pre-specify how spicy the dish that you want to order (Korean cuisine - not for delicate stomachs). Also, do not be surprised if you are served food on the table is not on the plate, and in a saucepan or frying pan on a hot burner small: in many institutions of South Korea decided that the person who decides how it should be cooked dish. You are free to bring it to the degree of readiness that you like, right on his desk.

North Korea DMZ

Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

While in South Korea, it is important to take into account the peculiarity of the South relations with North Korea. In the southern part of the country severely punished by the law (up to the prison term), import and distribution of materials from the DPRK; it is forbidden to read northern newspaper, listen to the songs and in general to discuss "the country chuhche" and policy toward it. Access to the sites, dedicated to North Korea is locked in the South. Do not try to get to them - for it may even be deported.

If you are still interested in the theme, you can go to the so-called demilitarized zone - on the border of South and North Korea. Here are allowed to take pictures (but not always, check with a guide!) And even formally cross the border divided the country into two camps.

If you because of this or for any other reason, any problems with the police in the first place (if you do not speak the Korean language) requires a Russian-speaking interpreter.

On the beach

Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

summer holiday on the beaches of Korean (season lasts from mid-July to late August), keep in mind that organized bathing sites will not let you swim far, most of them are fenced and are under the supervision of lifeguards. Separate advice for photographers: the beaches of Korea constantly voiced rule does not take pictures of Korean women in bathing suits without their consent. Break this rule may even be deported.

Take shoes!

Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

Going to the Korean house, leave shoes at the door. Since traditional Korean culture to sleep, eat and sit on the floor in a house made to walk barefoot. Of course, in ordinary hotels in South Korea, you are unlikely to encounter it, but in an authentic hostel or visiting Korean friends - completely. Do not be afraid freeze barefoot or while sleeping on a mattress on the floor: in this country, almost everywhere there is an electric floor heating.

Where to Shop?

Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

In addition to supermarkets, shops and branded boutiques in Korea, there are many markets where you can find fresh produce, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics and so on are very reasonably priced. For example, Dongdaemun - known worldwide fashion market, or Gwangjang that more than a century is famous for textiles, folk goods and street food. And the country's largest fish market in Busan Jagalchi? Another desired in this respect life hacking - televypusk "My Planet", "Global Markets" about Seoul and Busan.

Refund Tax Free

Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

As in many other countries, in Korea, you can return the tax goods purchased in the country. return has offices in Seoul, Incheon and Gimhae airports. Returns can be accomplished by purchasing goods in shops, which have the designation Global Blue Tax Free Shopping. The minimum purchase amount - 30,000 won. The cost of one purchase must not exceed 200 000 won, including tax. When you pay ask for a receipt for a tax refund (Tax Free Form). VAT rate: standard - 10%, jewelery - 20%. Keep checks, fill out the form and prior to departure at the airport go to the customs desk to put your stamp on the documents. You may be asked to get things, so do not hide them away. Then, at the return desk will get the money on the card or in cash.

Take clothing for all weather conditions

Korea: 11 life hacking for travelers

If you are going to South Korea is not a hot summer season, be prepared for a sudden change of weather in spring and autumn day can be very warm, and in the evening - cold, wet and windy. Before picking up the suitcase, be sure to check the weather forecast.