Soviet Gioconda: as "Girl in a T-shirt" artist Samohvalova conquered Paris

• Soviet Gioconda how "Girl T-shirt" artist Samohvalova conquered Paris

Today, the picture of a Soviet artist Alexander Samohvalova "Girl T-shirt" is unlikely someone can cause association with the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Nevertheless, at the International Exhibition in France in 1937, she received the unofficial title of "Soviet Mona Lisa" and the gold medal. What is so captivated the French experienced rude and ponderous beauty stroitelnitsy socialism of the Soviet Union?

Soviet Gioconda: as Soviet Gioconda: as

Alexander Samohvalov

"Girl T-shirt" (1932) was the first of a series of paintings dedicated to the young Soviet women. Alexander Samohvalov sought to capture the typical features of his contemporaries - energetic, self-motivated, full of optimism and ready for action, working alongside men - in other words, "stop a galloping horse ...". Devoted to the topic of work "Sportwoman" (1935), "Metrostroevki" (1934-37), "Labor Udarnitsa" (1930).

Soviet Gioconda: as

A Samohvalov. Left - Girl with the kernel, 1933. Right - Spartakovka 1928

In this picture Samohvalova can not be called only the state order - the artist admired the new era of the Soviet Union and its representative: "History was accomplished before our eyes. And the images of new people also formed in his eyes. They were monumental in itself, because it engendered great events. They were the creators of history, creators of the Revolution .... " Type a simple hard-working woman who was "no time to think about the beauty", as she is busy much more important affairs, had peeped artist in life itself and makes him a genuine admiration.

Soviet Gioconda: as

A Samohvalov. Girl in a T-shirt, the options in 1930 and 1932.

However, the "Girls T-shirt" and it was a real prototype - a teacher of the artist's daughter, Evgenia Petrovna Adam. "I saw a girl who could be a symbol, and wrote it", - said Samohvalov. And he really succeeded in this effort to combine individual and typical, and create a true symbol of the era. The artist himself, explained his plan: "Girl T-shirt" - a beautiful contemporary, girl, what was not there before. Her T-shirt. This time clothes, inexpensive standing gracefully fitting shape gives a modern kind of girl. Her appearance - a clear and simple. Brave, open to the future, in view of the dream and dropped towards the head of hair gives it the features of a person - a participant in a new open, rich with new motives of life. "

Soviet Gioconda: as

A Samohvalov. Left - With spade, 1934. Right - In winch 1934

In the USSR this work was first presented in 1932 at an exhibition at the Russian Museum. And in 1937 it was exhibited in Paris, at the International Exhibition "Art and Technology in Modern Life", which was a huge success and was awarded a gold medal. Critics immediately dubbed it the "Soviet Mona Lisa." To the author of such a comparison is not flattering: "I have kept quiet, but in my heart I was not pleased with that nickname, as the Mona Lisa was a picture of a smiling ironically, with folded hands. My girls still did not smile, but if it came, it would be very different - a smile ready for action. "

Soviet Gioconda: as

Venus A. Samohvalova. On the left - on the tennis court. Girl with a racket, 1935. In the center - After the cross, 1935. On the right - a girl in a black bathing suit 1928 The ideal of a simple beauty "Girls T-shirt" saw not only the French critics, but also the domestic art lovers. Thus, L. Singer called the painting "one of the most magnificent and poetic creations of Soviet art, which happily merged heroic and lyrical beginning, so characteristic of creativity Samohvalova, traditional and modern, the living portrait and profound typicality, which embodies features of the Soviet man."

Soviet Gioconda: as

A Samohvalov. Left - Metrostroevka with a drill, 1937. On the right - have Metrostroevka betonerki, 1937Covremennomu viewer Mona Lisa, which is the epitome of refined and mysterious femininity, hardly seems at least somewhat close "Girls T-shirt", completely devoid of these qualities. However, the author can not deny the skill and observation - that this type was in tune with the era in the Soviet Union.

Soviet Gioconda: as

A Samohvalov. Left - At the construction site, 1945 Right - Blast furnaces Kuzbass 1947

Critics also positive about the simplicity and clarity of composition, clarity and rhythmic lines, accentuated by alternating black and white stripes on the jersey, unusual perspective: the artist is an image of almost the entire surface of the canvas, close-up, because of what seems to be a monumental figure of a girl. Samohvalov rather admires her beauty is not external, but internal integrity of nature and energy.

Soviet Gioconda: as

A Samohvalov. Girl in a T-shirt, 1932. Detail