"To me there's nothing left": the history of five Indian girls survivors

• "In me there was nothing left": the history of five Indian girls survivors

In December 2012, it has been committed gang rape of 23-year-old student from India-paramedic. A few weeks later the girl died from his injuries. Since then, the country is considered one of the most dangerous for women. Foreign media coverage of the incident, the British government called on citizens to be cautious when traveling to India, and the Chinese media called Delhi "rape capital of the world."

After this loud event gender-based crimes are widely reported in India, but the law still does not provide reasonable protection to the victims. reports of rape in this country appear in the media on several occasions in the past month, and the victims are often not only women but also girls up to 14 years.

crime details become widely known to the public, but on the consequences for the victims and their families, few people realize. Five Indian families in which girls have been raped, told what had to face them and their children.

Now Deepti seven years. When she was raped by a neighbor, she was only four years old. The mother was on the market, his father - in the shower. Deepti was playing on the roof of the house when the man attacked her. Rapist was about 20 years old.

The girl's parents went to the police and immediately demanded a medical examination. But the officers answered that Deepti looks fine, as evidence taken only girls pants.

In spite of the gravity of the crime, many sided rapist - he was the only male in the family, and the imprisonment would deprive his family financial support. The offender was imprisoned for 18 months and was released on bail. He offered the family Deepti 80,000 rupees (about $ 900) for that they took the case from the police.

Gidzhantali nine years. She was sexually abused by her father for several years. The girl he raped last year. Father threatened to beat her and her mother with iron rods, if Gidzhantali told anyone about the incident. In this case, the girl's mother takes the side of the father and blames her daughter. Now she wants her husband was released from prison. After the case made public, Gidzhantali mother admitted that she often had to sleep on the floor, while her husband held a bed with her daughter.

In the police about sexual harassment and rape reported Gidzhantali grandfather. Since then, the family believes that he should take the matter out of court.

"Everyone in the village against me, - says the man. - They do not understand that what made my son terribly and wrong. Even my wife and mother Gidzhantali. But if I give up, he will do it again, I know. "

In the village mock Gidzhantali. The girl herself says that she is sorry that her father was in prison. With him at her family had more money. Every day Gidzhantali mother calls the prostitute's daughter and accuses her that his father was behind bars.

Three months ago, eight-year Sadaf raped by a doctor from her village. The girl went to the bazaar to buy sweets, when the doctor pulled Sadaf in the clinic room and raped her. When she came back outside, she immediately fainted.

Parents daughter found in the blood and immediately called the police. However, the local police refused to accept the statement and urged parents to hush up the case. Doctor guilty of crimes, came from a very wealthy family. He offered the police a bribe and could harm the whole family Sadaf.

The girl's parents insisted on a criminal case. A few days after the rape Sadaf would not leave the hospital bed - she had gone through a difficult period of physical recovery. Now she is afraid to leave the house and do not go to school, although only three months ago, wanted to become a teacher of English and happy to attend classes

The five-year Nirmala was raped by her mother's boss. She went to the grocery store when a man met her and offered to buy sweets. The girl agreed. Rapist lured Nirmal into the forest and raped. The man left the victim naked in the woods, the girl was bleeding heavily.

Nirmala took two operations and three months in the hospital to recover. Offender caught two weeks after the incident. Since then he has been in prison, and his family is terrorized by Nirmala parents and offering them money for the abandonment of ships.

The family moved to another area to get rid of the proposals and the excessive attention of neighbors, who believe that the life of the girl, and so spoiled, and the court will not help.

Now Priyanka 15 years. Last year, she was raped by a neighbor. Man long I haunted the girl and caught her one night with friends. He threatened to kill her if she did not go with him. Priyanka offender raped next to the house of his friend.

10 days, the police refused to open a criminal case, and when the officers still have agreed to the statement, they kept Priyanka in office for two days. Until she did not agree to admit that went with the perpetrator voluntarily.

The villagers believe that the girl herself was to blame for what happened. Rapist continued to pursue her, threatened her sister and father. After some time, the offender and his friends beat up Priyanka's father.

Two weeks ago, the girl's parents have entered into an arranged marriage between her daughter and 22-year-old young man. They believe that she would be safe, but when she married and moved to another village.

"I'm angry. In me there was nothing left any more, "- says Priyanka.